Discover your medical insurance options at hospital district event

By Meg Olson

With Kaiser Permanente’s decision to deny certification to the local clinic, the Point Roberts Hospital District and Point RobertsSuperTrack Clinic are collaborating with Cascadia Insurance to help people navigate their options.

“We are excited to offer this informational session with Aaron Abraham, a local insurance broker who can discuss in detail the options for both Medicare and non-Medicare patients,” said Deb Shields, primary provider at the clinic. “Staff will be in attendance to discuss the current insurance plans credentialed at the Point Roberts SuperTrack Clinic.”

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 7 at 5:15 p.m. at the Benson Road fire station, and will feature a presentation by Abraham of Cascadia Insurance.

“I’ve had clients in Point Roberts for over a decade and there are unique requirements, from an ongoing requirement for foreign travel to the distance to a closest affiliated doctor, and the carriers don’t see that,” Abraham said.

Abraham said that some Point Roberts residents who have been covered by Kaiser are getting claims denied for seeing their primary care provider at the Point Roberts Clinic, and he hopes to hear from those people at the meeting. “If we get a large number of complaints we can help pass them on to the insurance commissioner,” he said.

With Kaiser the most affordable insurance for individuals, Abraham said some might choose to stay with that carrier and travel to Bellingham for medical care, “but there are other options and we hope to have as much information for people
as possible.”

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