Donate, help or mend at clothing drive

Last year’s clothing drive at the community center brought in an elephant sized pile of clothes and textiles for redistribution and recycling. This year, organizers are expanding the event to provide more opportunities to find a new home for things we no longer want and support more charitable causes at home and away.

“This is all about repurposing and reusing – don’t throw it away,” said Allison Calder with, the community group sponsoring the event. “We want to encourage a greener Point Roberts and help out our neighbors at the same time.”

On Saturday, October 26, donors are asked to bring in used clothing, shoes, linens and blankets from noon until 3 p.m.

Volunteer sorters will organize items for different donation streams. “We give the local food bank first pick to get anything and everything they need for the local community,” Calder said.

Remaining children’s clothing goes to a charity in Bellingham for children entering foster care. Women’s and men’s business attire are sent to women’s shelters and halfway houses so that they can help their clients be ready to get back in the workforce. The Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham also has a list of items they need to help the homeless population that they serve.

Textiles that can’t be reused are directed to a textile recycling non-profit in Vancouver. Calder asked that badly stained and torn items be bagged separately and labeled for recycling to save the sorters some time.

A critical part of the event is the cadre of volunteer menders who will be fixing salvageable items for donation but will also mend a favorite item. “If somebody has something they love that needs mending and they can’t do it themselves, the menders will do it for them,” Calder said.

“This year, we are also accepting battery or electric alarm clocks in working order that we will be taking to women’s shelters and halfway houses,” Calder said. “We are also accepting used cell phones, which will be going to developing countries.”

Originally established by citizens opposing the mandatory garbage service that Whatcom County put into effect January 2019, has broadened its mandate to promote all opportunities for Point Roberts residents to reduce the amount of waste they generate through recycling and reuse. To volunteer for the upcoming event, please contact

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