Cando expanding recycling list

By Meg Olson

Joining a growing number of disposal entities nationwide, Cando Recycling and Disposal is partnering with SC Johnson to expand their list of accepted recyclables to include plastic film.

Starting on January 13, 2020, Point Roberts property owners with garbage pickup can recycle clean and dry plastic bags and film, including Ziplock-style bags, plastic film, dry-cleaning bags, grocery bags and bread bags.

Plastic bags and film to be recycled should be put into a plastic bag which should be tied at the top when it’s about the size of a soccer ball and placed out on pickup day on top of mixed paper in the white recycling bin.

Cando will be the second small disposal system to join the current SC Johnson pilot program, which aims to expand plastics recyclables to smaller systems.

“The most important thing we can to do to save our oceans from plastic waste is to address the issue at its root cause by improving waste collection systems and capturing plastic before it gets into the ocean,” said SC Johnson chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson.

In other Cando news, the company announced that it plans to work with the staff at the WUTC in the early part of 2020 in order to implement a curbside yard waste program. This program would likely be funded through subscribership and would run from March through November. The company does not intend to include food waste in this program. The curbside pickups of yard waste would occur on the “off” week (the week that recycling is not collected).

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