Vacancy opens up on parks board

By Meg Olson

With four out of five positions on the ballot and one resignation in November, the board of the Point Roberts park and recreation district could have seen a lot of new faces in the new year, but most of the existing board will be back in 2020.

It was a close race for commissioner Bennett Blaustein, but with the election results a few days away from certification, he held off challenger Hugh Wilson by 15 votes.

Commissioners Holly Robinson and Chwynyn Vaughan ran unopposed for another term.

Parks board chair Stephen Falk had intended to run for another term but found out he had to choose between putting his name on the ballot to retain his position on the hospital district board, to which he was appointed, or running again for the parks board. “I was surprised,” said Falk, who also serves on the cemetery district board and on the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee. “It makes sense if you were running for governor and for senator I suppose but not so much for these districts in small communities.”

Michele Wallis ran for the position and will take Falk’s place on the board in January.

At the November 7 parks district meeting Arthur Reber resigned from his position, leaving an opening that commissioners plan to fill by appointment when they meet on December 9.

“Those interested in being considered are encouraged to provide a resume or similar information by December 6, 2019 to the parks district at,” Falk said. Applicants are also encouraged to attend the meeting and make a statement in support of their application.

If no candidates present themselves, or at the discretion of the other commissioners, Falk could be appointed to the position left vacant by Reber. While Falk said he would serve if asked, he said it would put him in the same position come election time two years from now. Whoever is appointed to Reber’s seat will have the opportunity to run again when his term expires in 2021, and Falk’s spot on the cemetery district board will also be on the ballot.

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