Year in review 2019: PAWS

By Pam Sarkissian

PAWS is back and making tracks to a new beginning in Point Roberts. With Carol Fuegie’s retirement from the Point Roberts Animal Well-being Society, the charity was in need of new leadership.

When local residents and animal lover Fran Rozyskiheard PAWS was in need, she leapt into action. An executive board was assembled and is now in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) charity status. PAWS has expanded its mandate to include domestic pets and all wildlife on the Point.

The legacy of Carol and Wilma, was carried on with a number of activities this year. In August, after a long absence, an event that was championed by Carol – “Every Dog’s a Winner” – was enjoyed by 34 dogs and their humans. At the Harvest Faire, our focus was birds and their present plight. At the Holiday Festival, we celebrated native bees and other pollinators and their future well-being. Our plans include more public education, speakers and advocacy. All animals deserve our respect and compassion.

We are grateful for the support of our PAWS-Interface subscribers and the community at large. We couldn’t achieve our goals without your generous donations.

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PAWS Board – Pam Sarkissian, Fran Rozyskie, Jan Atkinson-Grosjean, Margot Griffiths, Maureen Buckley.

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