Cando begins new plastic film recycling program

On January 13, Cando Recycling and Disposal will expand its list of accepted curbside recyclables to include plastic film as part of a pilot program it’s launching in Point Roberts in partnership with SC Johnson. Point Roberts residents will be able to recycle clean and dry plastic grocery bags, plastic storage bags such as ziplock bags, dry-cleaning bags, and other plastic film at the curbside every other week.

Every other week starting January 13, residents can put clean and dry plastic film materials inside a plastic bag, tie the top of the bag, put the bag of bags on top of the mixed paper within the white recycling bin, and place the bin curbside on the date of collection.  The items will then be picked up by Cando Recycling and Disposal for recycling and be delivered to Merlin Plastics, an end-market purchaser.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Dee Gough at 360/945-2636 or

  1. Slightly stiffer (but still flexible) plastics marked as recyclable 4 are also accepted, per a phone call with Cando yesterday.


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