Letter to the Editor: Mark Robbins

The Editor:

Thank you for your article in the October 2017 issue of All Point Bulletin reporting on the Taxpayers Association’s endorsement of the proposed maintenance and operation levy, which will keep our Park and Recreation District funded for the next six years.

I am writing to emphasize two main points: First, while the proposed levy will significantly increase the tax rate, the absolute amount is really quite modest. An average $200,000 property would be levied about $43 per year.

Over the past many years, successive park boards have discussed the need to hire a part-time superintendent or manager to run the day-to-day maintenance and operations of the district; but this is the first time they have asked the voters for the necessary level of funding.

Second, the measure before us is not specifically or only whether to approve the higher rate. Rather, it is whether to fund the Park and Recreation District after December 31, when the District’s current authority to levy taxes expires.

The Park Board has proposed a new six-year levy at a rate the commissioners feel is necessary. We urge all the individuals and organizations that use and perhaps sometimes take for granted the community center, library, or Baker Field to support this ballot measure. Think about how important these facilities are to the community. Their continued operation depends on approval of the levy. Please vote “yes.”

Mark Robbins, President

Point Roberts Taxpayers Association


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