Letters to the Editor: September 2017

The Editor:

To the gentleman who thinks I have an “agenda:” I’m pretty sure I stated specifically that had I been closer I would have schooled the person in question on the spot. As I am disabled, I could not walk that far.

He was standing with the Canadian delegation and not the Americans. He sang along with the Canadian anthem and disrespected ours. I lived in Canada for five years and in Germany for three. Never one time would I have even thought of being as disrespectful as this rude man was.

Charlotte Gibson

Point Roberts


The Editor:

On the morning of July 24 I was taking my regular ride on my bike around Point Roberts. At the corner of Mill Road and Johnson Road I was struck by a car that failed to yield at the stop sign.

I was knocked unconscious immediately; the next memory is looking up at blue sky with the silhouettes of first responders around me. I blacked out again and my next recollection was travelling to PeaceHealth Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham in the ambulance.

My neck was broken and my body was covered with lacerations. The whole time I was looked after with professionalism }and care.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to those of you that looked after me. I don’t know who you are but you do and you should be proud of the job that you did. Thanks again.

Angus Fraser

Burnaby, B.C.


The Editor:

Hi there — I’m just reading the August issue and would like to comment on the golf course.

Page 1 – The new golf course owner paid $4.45 million cash for the property. She also owns two other golf courses designed by high profile people.

This is one wealthy lady. Good for her. She has enough money and time to play golf to the level of a 12 handicap. She is not likely working 9 to 5 at $12/hour.

The previous owner was not so lucky. In the end he could not afford to pay his water bill. This probably contributed to the demise of the enterprise.

Page 9 – The water district is to consider a special rate for the golf course. Less than the previous rate. Why was this not offered to the previous owner? So offering to lower the rate for “excess water” (intermittent use) is a concession to the ultra-rich owners and wealthy golfers who can certainly afford to pay it.

The BMW crowd would certainly appreciate such a concession. We wouldn’t want to impose such an onerous burden on the rich.

The rest of the community, well, be prepared for more water rate increases in the future. How about an intermittent rate structure for the rest of us?

We could schedule flushing our toilets every other day in the summer.

Considering the lack of planning for contingency cost for infrastructure improvement, I think the golf course should pay its full share just like everyone else.

If the golfers cannot afford the greens fees, they might wish to explore other options. How about bingo, or pull tabs?

Holger Michelsen

Point Roberts


The Editor:

The Point Roberts Park and Recreation District would like to thank everyone who attended our eclipse viewing party. The event was more successful than we anticipated. Everyone shared the limited number of glasses as well as the homemade shadow boxes.

This sharing showed true community spirit in experiencing this celestial event. We especially would like to thank the volunteers who stepped in to help with the refreshments and making sure all our visitors had a good time.

The parks board hopes to continue to provide events and programs like this in the future.

Bennett Blaustein, commissioner

Point Roberts


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