Letters to the Editor: January 2017

The Editor:

I wish to thank all who supported the 2016 Christmas Gift Faire at the community center, December 3 and 4. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the fair, those who had a table, all who help decorate the room, put signs up, and those who donated items to the raffle room.

Every one of you helped in its success. A very special thanks to Whidbey Telecom for its generous monetary donation to our recipient Circle of Care. To Louise Mugar and Pat Grubb, whose generosity covered our ads in the All Point Bulletin.

We would not have done any of it without the support of our great community. Our recipient this year, Circle of Care, now has over $2,000 to help with training.

Thanks to all of your support.

Jessica McVey

Point Roberts


The Editor:

Having been a longtime co-homeowner in Point Roberts I was pleased to see that the voters of Point Roberts rejected the notion of spending large amounts of money for a new library. I should point out that as Canadian resident I would have no vote but that being said there are many who feel like I do that this is a waste of money through additional taxation.

I am not suggesting that we don’t need a new or updated library, what I am suggesting is that surely we can find more constructive ways to achieve that goal without spending $800,000

For example: It has long been known that a very generous family at the Point has volunteered to put up to $500,000 to build a whale-watching station lighthouse, at Lighthouse Park. Excellent plans were submitted, a grand building design, and the proposal was certainly a community enhancer. This was rejected also for reasons that only state and community officials can explain. Only government could turn a gift into a burden.

Now consider the opportunity here, start a campaign to get behind the Lighthouse Park proposal, with solid support from the community and provide additional, but much less funding, as a large amount has already been pledged ($500,000), we could include the library in that building. I can think of no better place to read a good book or simply browse while having the sea sounds close by or to mull the sight of an orca pod going by. Such a plan would achieve the goal of building the lighthouse and the library.

I recognize the Lighthouse Park land is just that and state approval and possibly federal approval may be needed, but given all that home owners of Point Roberts put out in state and other taxes we put out for our property, and the large negative gap between what we give compared to what we receive from the state this would be one way to appease all who seek in enhance the community in ways that benefit us all.

Maybe I am just pipe dreaming but this sure makes sense to me.

Michael Jacobs

Point Roberts


The Editor:

The Point Roberts Parks Board needs to conduct a study to replace the present community hall/library building with a new structure located on the land owned by the parks board near the fire hall on Benson Road.

The present community hall foundation is failing and there is a water problem. The same is true for the old Julius fire station. It is simply not economical to repair these old structures regardless of the views of the historical society or those who love to cling to the past.

It is simply logical to have the library/community hall near the school and the Ayden clinic. School children would be close to the library. This consolidation is what the parks board should be moving towards.

A non-Point Roberts-resident civil engineer or architect needs to be placed in charge of conducting such a study. The analysis must include the costs for the tear-down and destruction of the current hall/Julius fire station and the design/construction of a new facility at the aforementioned site. The presently collected library donations along with a newly proposed levy would fund the project.

Let’s get going, parks board!

Bruno Moras

Point Roberts


The Editor:

A firefighting ATV might be useful in dousing a beach fire, lit by a group of skinny dipping teenagers at Lily Point, but for a true wildfire, chief Carleton and his team need something much more substantial. May I suggest a water bomber.

Larry Talson

Point Roberts


The Editor:

On Thanksgiving Day at 3 p.m. sharp guests in the home of Ron Swalling circled around his bounteous Thanksgiving table, hands clasped, as he gave a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for the goodness of our lives.

Each year that he has lived at Point Roberts, Ron has invited friends and new acquaintances to come and share Thanksgiving dinner with him. He tells us that opening his home for Thanksgiving meals has been a part of his life for many years before coming to our little town. And his giving back has stemmed from people of his church who encircled him and his family many years ago when they moved into a new town during his military career.

Friendships were made anew and others renewed during this lovely afternoon of sharing Ron’s bounty and being in the company of people brought together by him. An emotional farewell by one guest, that expressed the feelings of all present, was that he was grateful that Ron had brought harmony between good people when there is so much disharmony around us.

Dorothy Gurney

Point Roberts


The Editor:

The Whatcom County Library System is pleased to introduce a new collection to the public: American Girl Doll kits. We have added 10 dolls, and are excited to make these dolls available to boys and girls across Whatcom County. We hope having an opportunity to “check a doll out” will allow many children a chance to enjoy these toys. We have many American Girl books and magazines as well.

Each doll is assigned to a particular branch, but they’re all available for requests. Go to wcls.org and search for: American Girl dolls [kit]. Enter your library card number and your pin number and put a doll on hold today!

Other interesting new items in our collection include coloring book kits (with pencils and sharpener) and Interactive Board Games (like Forbidden Island, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride).

Rose Momsen

Point Roberts Library

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