Letters to the Editor, September 2015

The Editor:

This is an open letter to the person leaving golf balls on the beach between Maple Beach and Lily Point. A cursory Internet review of the environmental impact of golf balls shows they take 1,000 years
to degrade.

We hope that, realizing the long-term pollution, you will cease to litter the beach. Thank you.

Kelvin Williams
Point Roberts

The Editor:

I just returned from my evening walk with my dog in my neighborhood here on the Point, and a vicious, uncontrolled dog attacked us yet again. My dog has four distinct bites on her, but fortunately no blood drawn this time.

I’ve been attacked by uncontrolled dogs while bicycling or walking my dogs in Point Roberts as many times in the past year as I have (combined) over the 12-year period that I’ve owned dogs elsewhere.

I am not one for strict bylaw controls, or municipalities meddling in people’s affairs, so I don’t advocate getting the authorities involved. However, I would like to put out a plea to the people of Point Roberts to control your animals. When they are outside, whether supervised or unsupervised, keep them contained either by leash, rope, chain or fence. There is no reason why your dog should ever be out of your control. An uncontrolled dog puts everyone’s safety at risk, including the animal itself.

Ian Furstrand
Point Roberts

The Editor:

A special thank you to Chief Carleton from the Point Roberts CERT and PREP members for a very informative training session on August 8. You have put much time and effort into making plans and helping to prepare residents for many kinds of disasters. This type of service to your community helps strengthen our ability to manage a disaster more effectively.

Twenty members were able to participate in this activity. I hope we will have many more in the future to make us more self-reliant here in Point Roberts.

Virginia Lester, PREP President
Point Roberts

The Editor:

Last month, we held the first blood drive in Point Roberts, and it was a huge success! We registered a total of 42 donors, 31 of those being first-time donors. Of these 42 donors, we were able to collect 34 units of blood – since a unit is separated into its different components (red blood cells, platelets and plasma), your blood drive helped bring health and comfort to 102 patients.

The blood donations collected at the blood drive are critical to maintain a stable blood supply for surgeries, medical emergencies and for supporting patients battling life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other cancers. Bloodworks Northwest (formerly Puget Sound Blood Center) supports all of the hospitals in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King, and seven other Washington counties. Your blood donations are directly helping local families, neighbors and friends.

Thanks to all the donors who took time out of their busy day to donate blood. I hope it was a great experience for all of you. With great appreciation to Alexandria Szabo for organizing the drive and recruiting donors, Whatcom County Fire District 5 for providing the blood drive site, and Christopher Carleton for helping to coordinate the drive – we couldn’t have done it without you.

On behalf of patients in our community’s hospitals, I wish to extend our thanks to you. Below are just a few of many patients in our community who recently received blood products:

A 42-year-old patient: Heart surgery. Patient used: 24 units red blood cells, nine units platelets, 29 units plasma and eight cryoprecipitate pools.

A 37-year-old patient: Open heart surgery. Patient used: 12 units red blood cells, eight units plasma, two unit platelets and two cryoprecipitate pools.

A 61-year-old patient: Organ transplant. Patient used: 12 units red blood cells, 10 units plasma and two cryoprecipitate pools.

Each day 800 people must donate blood to meet the needs of patients in western Washington and Oregon hospitals. Your blood drive played an important role in helping meet that goal.

If anyone would be interested in helping to coordinate future blood drives on Point Roberts, please contact Sasha Seiden at 360/527-3651. Those who donated at this drive will be eligible to give again
October 10.

Sasha Seiden
Donor Resource representative Bloodworks Northwest

The Editor:

A big thank you to all our Cross Border Coalition to Stop The Radio Towers members. Our members number in the thousands. If you are reading this it is likely you are a member even if you have not really thought of yourself in this light.

Our benefit concert to fund our legal costs that all of you supported and/or attended last Sunday at Seabright Farm in Point Roberts was a huge success due to the help of our peninsula’s residents, businesses, Seabright Farm and all the people who staffed this amazing event.

You know who you are, and any list would be too long to print. You all helped us put a serious dent in our legal bills. Please accept our thanks for the unity, the donations in all their sizes, shapes and
values even though words feel inadequate to express how much you are all appreciated. Your support keeps us going.

To make donations or get more information visit notowers.webs.com.

Armene Belless and Jennifer Urquhart
Cross Border Coalition to Stop the Radio Towers

The Editor:

I am visiting your beautiful Point Roberts from Huron, South Dakota. During my visit I was in need of medical help. Point Roberts Fire and Rescue came to the rescue.

Everyone who helped, comforted and drove me to Bellingham by ambulance should be commended for a job very well done! I was made to feel calm where anxiety could have taken over. They all have a wonderful bedside manner.

I would like to say that chief Carleton has done an amazing job of training and managing your volunteers. You are so fortunate to have an amazing fire department in Point Roberts, and I should know – I have three firefighters in my family.

Thank you all so very much for making a difficult situation bearable.

Diane Thomas
Huron, South Dakota

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