Sylvia Schonberg, Bill May, Creighton (Duke) Rauh, Herb Huestis, Gaspar Schulek, Kelly Rauh and Bob Culbert beneath the newly installed Schlicker organ.

Photo by Barbara Wayland.







A celebration of service and love

Sunday, June 22 was marked by a very special occasion at Trinity Church. The congregation honored Ernie Loreen, our beloved pastor emeritus, for his many years as a Lutheran minister. He was ordained 
June 21, 1959 in Hartford, Connecticut, 55 years ago.

Ernie’s wife Lola grew up here in Point Roberts and when she met and married Ernie they talked about coming back to the Point to live. In 1975 that dream became a reality and they built the home where they raised their family and still share today. In 1984, Ernie accepted the call to pastor Trinity Lutheran Church. 

Sunday’s service had many special moments. Pastor Jean Barrington gave an overview of the ordination process. Julia Latimer, longtime friend of Trinity and the Loreens, played an exquisite violin prelude and later she and pianist Esther Rosenthal accompanied the choir in Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sanctus. 

Following Father Chuck’s interesting and uplifting sermon, Natasha Neufeld and Jonathan Quick sang The Gift of Love, the text of which is based on I Corinthians 13. Sylvia Schoenberg accompanied them on the organ. Later Julian Neufeld played guitar as the congregation sang the hymn Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love. 

Following the service, Fred Culbert spoke of Ernie’s many years of 
service and community involvement, thanking him for all he had done for Trinity and Point Roberts. 

Jean Barrington also thanked Ernie; saying what a joy it had been to follow him as pastor here. “Ernie had done a wonderful job of preparing this church for women in the ministry,” she said.

Many old friends and members of the Loreen family were in attendance, and following the service there was a potluck feast in the social hall. Thank you for all the generous donations of food. The church provided coffee, tea, and a huge cake that read, “Congratulations TO Ernie.”

Lola, Ernie, and the entire Loreen family wish to thank the community for the lovely recognition and celebration, and Trinity Community Lutheran Church thanks Ernie and Lola for all they have done and continue to do here.