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Point Roberts Garden Club

Published on Fri, Dec 21, 2012 by Scott Hackleman

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What a great year for the Point Roberts Garden Club! Once a month we meet to share information, seeds, plant divisions or to enjoy a program. These friendly and informative get-togethers also help us organize our fundraising activities for the year.

Around Mother’s Day we had a plant sale at the community center. This was a chance to kick off the spring with seeds, starts and cuttings from our gardens. We had garden experts on hand to answer questions and inspire the curious. 

In the middle of year was the Point Roberts Garden Tour. It is a biennial event on even-numbered years, so that made 2012 a garden tour year. 

There was a great turnout in spite of threats of unfavorable weather. We raffled a beautiful quilt donated by the Point Roberts Quilters and had the chance to sample many rare home-baked delicacies at the Tea. All nine gardens in the tour were looking their best, providing a wonderful example of the variety of gardens we have on the Point. The club is very grateful for the hospitality and generosity of everyone who contributed their gardens and to the Point Roberts community for making this year’s tour so fun and successful.

The garden tour is our primary fundraiser to support the club’s work on Tyee Drive’s streetscape. A few years ago the Garden Club took on the beautification and maintenance of a section of Tyee Drive. The rousing daffodil displays in spring and the fall foliage of the liquidambar trees are the result of this work.

Now we are proceeding with the next phase. This year the club is realizing its vision of enhancing the streetscape to provide seasonal and year-long interest after the daffodils finish. We hope you enjoy the colorful displays on Tyee Drive next spring and summer, and we hope to see you at one of our get-togethers at the Gulf Road community center.

Scott Hackleman 
President, Point Roberts Garden Club

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