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Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws

Published on Fri, Dec 21, 2012 by Jack Louws

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Now that my first year in office is nearly completed, I can tell you that it has been a challenging, busy and rewarding year. I have met many residents while I have been out doing the work of the county as your executive, and I visited Point Roberts early in the year. 

At Lily Point, our parks department reports that we have accomplished $445,000 in improvements to date, including a parking area, restroom, landscaping and kiosk in 2012. We also installed two overlook safety barriers, constructed a trail to the beach and a multi-purpose loop trail, installed two wooden boardwalks at bottom of beach trail and Cedar Point entry, and are completing a pedestrian trail from Cedar Point entry. In 2013 remaining trail signage will be installed and trail restoration will continue. 

The Lighthouse Marine Park and boat launch dock replacement project ($310,000 project cost) is moving forward with completion this year of federal and state permits for piles and dock. In summer of 2013, creosote pile removal, new steel piles and replacement of the dock are scheduled, as well as coordination of the parking lot repairs with accessibility improvements at the boat launch. 

Numerous small road maintenance projects in Point Roberts were completed in 2012. We are working with the Point Roberts Transportation Advisory Committee to develop transportation enhancement and safety projects. Point Roberts residents are urged to engage with the advisory committee and attend their meetings. 

Throughout the county we have passed our next biennial budget, which consumed a great deal of the last half of the year. We are close to finalizing a jail planner contract and a property location for the new Whatcom County jail. It has been a very good year, and I look forward to 2013.

Jack Louws
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