Request For Bids


Point Roberts Park and Recreation District #1

PO Box 156

Point Roberts, WA 98281-0156


May 8, 2017


The Point Roberts Park and Recreation District invites interested local persons, groups, or companies to submit bids for lawn maintenance at the Community Center / Julius Fire Hall on Gulf Road, and at Baker Field (off Benson Road), during the 2017 season, approximately June through September. The work to be performed is:

  • Mowing grass behind and around the Community Center and Julius Fire Hall, and around the parking lot, plus trimming around structures, curbs, other landscaping, etc. once per week (to a short length, not to exceed 2 inches in height, but also not right to the ground);
  • Mowing Baker Field and trimming around the playground next to the School once every other week, to include mowing behind the baseball backstops, and trimming of blackberry brambles that periodically grow into field area from the surrounding forest.

Your price should be quoted on the basis of each Community Center / Julius Fire Hall mowing job and each Baker Field mowing job performed, which is the basis upon which the contractor will be asked to invoice the Park District.

You may choose and specify either of the two acceptable approaches to meeting our needs:

  1. You use your own equipment Your bid for service should include all your costs of fuel, repairs, etc.
  2. You use our equipment (riding mower, lawn mower, weed trimmer) You must certify that you are able to transport the riding mower and other equipment between the two sites, using your own available truck and trailer. Your bid should include the cost of such transport between the two sites. However, under this approach the cost of fuel and other lubricants, spare parts, and minor repairs to our equipment will be reimbursed separately and additionally upon submission of valid receipts. Under this approach, you must certify that you are able to carry out routine maintenance and minor repairs of our equipment (e.g. replacing or re-attaching belts, winterizing equipment at end-of-season, etc). Please contact Linda Hughes if you want to inspect the District’s equipment prior to developing your proposal.

We must receive all bids by Monday, June 12th. Bids may be submitted by mail to the above noted postal address, or handed directly to any Park and Recreation District commissioner:

Linda Hughes

Bennett Blaustein

Mary Edgley

Doug Shier

Stephen Falk