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Letters to the Editor – Deceember

The Editor: Some of my first memories of attending services at Trinity Church (Icelandic Lutheran in those days) were Christmas in the 1930s. I remember the scent of fir boughs, which decorated … more

Letters to the Editor – November

The Editor and Senator Patty Murray: Allowing Canadian property owners vehicular access to Point Roberts to attend to their property should be part of your “narrow and tailored … more

Letters to the Editor – October

The Editor and our dear Point Roberts friends: Goodbye, Autumn! Thank you for all the kind words and offers of help this past two weeks. Thank you for the beautiful cards, and flowers, and … more

Letters to the Editor – September

The Editor: Primary care providers, listen up! This is something you must hear. Results from a large retrospective analysis found that over 80 percent of patients nationwide had not had … more

Letters – August 2021

The Editor: We have an issue with residents and visitors dumping garbage and trash onto our county-owned beaches and parks. We have seen several instances of people dumping onto their own … more

Letters – July 2021

The Editor: We are not a ghost town. What happens in Point Roberts, stays in Point Roberts ... and that’s sometimes a problem. We are not a ghost town, as some have suggested, but we … more

Letter – June 2021

The Editor: It saddens me to see and hear people cutting down mature trees here. This is especially the case because our community values our natural setting so much. There are many good … more

Letters – May 2021

The Editor: My name is Sheena Durflinger, I have been a resident of Point Roberts for six years and I love planning events. I moved here from Chilliwack, B.C. where I was the event planner for the … more

Letters – March 2021

The Editor: I grew up playing in the woods by Baker Field and I was saddened to see bright orange paint on the trees and cheap tchotchkes nailed to the trunks. I know that many children might … more

Letter to the Editor – February 2021

The Editor: Personally, I don’t like seeing people promote Point Roberts on social media like Facebook where mega amounts of people get an insider view of our precious community. Why do you … more

Letters to the Editor — January 2021

The Editor: In America, elections aren’t decided by the media, they’re decided by the Constitution. The election of 2020 is far from over! America is not, and never will be a … more

Letters to the Editor – December 2020

The Editor: An abundance of thanks to Sheena Durflinger, Tracey Aiken, Linda Hughes, Dina Lynka and many, many more volunteers who made the Point Roberts community a Halloween event not to be … more

Letters to the Editor – November

The Editor: Your article on Race Week is surprisingly flawed and one-sided. Shame on your reporting. You made it sound like Race Week was a large company that was trying to bilk the marina out … more

Letters to the Editor – October

The Editor: Thanks for the great article and photo that you published on July 31, 2020. My wife and I have received so much positive feedback from friends with whom we have shared the article. … more

Letters to the Editor – September

The Editor: The Point Roberts love boat? We have a new Circle of Care bus sitting here doing nothing which seats 20 plus handicap access. Make arrangements with the border bosses to allow for its … more

Letters to the Editor – August

The Editor: The debate over wearing masks must end. It is a matter of life and death. If you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re going to hate wearing a ventilator. Governor Inslee … more

Letters to the Editor – July

The Editor: We, the people of Point Roberts, Democrats, Republicans, independents and those of other political or national identity who have held space in this place called Point Roberts during … more

Letters to the Editor – June

The Editor: A tribute to David Gellatly by Theodore Roosevelt – Man in the Arena “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where … more

Letters to the Editor – May

The Editor: As I look back on 2019 from the perspective of March, 2020, I can only marvel at how quickly our worlds can be upended! While I know that COVID-19 and its attendant issues shall pass, … more

Letters to the Editor – April

The Editor: This new draconian travel restriction and quarantine over entire Italy reveals the limitations of the effectiveness of methods used to screen travelers. Which country will be next? … more
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