Chamber of commerce withdraws from PRCAC


In an April 7 letter to Whatcom County Council and county executive Satpal Sidhu, the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce board of directors said the board had voted to withdraw their membership from the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee.

The decision came some weeks after the executive had proposed putting the committee into a year-long hiatus to consider how best its role in representing the community could be accomplished. The chamber was one of three local organizations who were assigned committee seats, the other two being the Point Roberts Taxpayer Association and the Point Roberts Registered Voters Association.

In its letter, the chamber wrote, “Our board is singularly focused on the economic well-being of Point Roberts, and our board members feel that our organization's goals and methods are not always aligned with those of the advisory committee, which is much more broadly focused on community matters such as tree retention, zoning bylaws, parks and wildlife issues.”

It added, “We appreciate the opportunity to continue to maintain our open lines of communication with the council and the county executive in representation of the businesses in Point Roberts.”

The county executive’s office said the executive was planning to respond to the chamber of commerce shortly.


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