Church News - December


The new liturgical year for Christian churches world-wide begins on Sunday, December 3, 2023. It isn’t a hallmark kind of season. There are no cards to be sent. There are advent calendars, however, most of which are focused on children counting down to Christmas day and packages to be opened.

And why not? The season of advent is about waiting and who knows better about waiting than children? Just as children wait with hope for that exciting time of Christmas day with its gifts and treats and time off from the usual – so waits the world, for peace, love and joy! We are all waiting.

 We are waiting for our lives to begin in ways we have hoped for so long. For many that means good health, housing and full stomachs. For others, possibly an education or a long-sought job or starting life with the love of their life.

But for far too many in the world – those living in unsafe places, in war zones, and refugee camps – it means waiting for safety and a new beginning. We are all waiting, especially for peace. 

The church expresses these hopes all year, but especially in the season of advent as it waits for the fulfillment of all these hopes, dreams and promises in the coming of Jesus into the world at Christmas, into our hearts daily and into our world at the end of time when he will gather all unto God, mending what sin has torn apart; then peace, love and light will reign forever. The church calls that heaven – and aren’t we are all waiting for that time of joy in one way or another?

It is important what we do while we wait. The spirit of the season is to help each other out. It is traditional in America to give throughout this season, be it food or money to a food bank, physical help to someone in need, money to organizations that try to ease the pain of the world.

This year take time to really hear and to see what others need. We cannot do a great deal individually to heal the world, but we can bring light to another’s life. It may cost us nothing more than a smile and a kind word. We all have that to give if we only take the time. 

This year Trinity Church will have traditional worship with communion on Christmas Eve at 11 a.m. On Christmas Day, lessons and carols will be shared at 11 a.m. Please join us. May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout 2024.


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