Church News – April


How is everyone doing? These are times that can test our resolve, our patience, our generosity, our souls. We at Trinity Church maintain our sense of community through social media, calls and cards. We have had to close our doors and suspend worship, so we are resetting to be a social media church. We will be using our website to offer community, comfort, reassurance and spiritual presence. We are strategizing around offering teachings, meditations and even music. We also have a Facebook page (@TCLCpointroberts) where you can communicate with us.

This article will take us through the last weeks of Lent, toward the celebration of Easter. Do you know what? We have been strongly encouraged by current events to curb our social life and spend more time at home. Being quiet. Introspective. Perhaps even observe a Lent. The temptation for this downtime is to distract ourselves with TV, Netflix, online gameplay and social media. We are quick to gravitate towards distraction. Could we give equal, if not more attention, to the inner self?

This is a good time to ask yourself: What really feeds my soul? Could a walk through nature include a meditation on a single flower, or a twig of cedar? Can you quiet yourself to honor one tiny slice of nature with your full attention for a few minutes? Can preparing your garden acquaint you more deeply with the generous fertility of mother earth?

Is this the year you let your little one plant their own piece of the garden? Introducing her/him to the quiet of nature that inspires wondrous attention? When was the last time you fashioned a homemade greeting card from bits of this and that, wrote a loving letter to someone and mailed it to them?

Or eat your breakfast so slowly that you are chewing each bite for 30 seconds? When we emerge from our cocoons of self-quarantine, will you emerge transformed in any way? Will you come out of this a more mindful, patient, caring, more evolved, more spiritual person? Or will you just be glad it’s all over? This, my friends, is entirely up to you. Here’s wishing you a fruitful Lent and an joyful


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