Church News – February


By Gina Gaudet

The time of year is coming upon us when we look deeply at the self: the day-to-day self and the higher self (the “soul-self” or spiritual self). We call this time of year Lent. If you grew up in a church it’s likely that when you were a child you were challenged to give something up that you really liked, “for Lent.” Back then, that was how we experienced “repentance;” another word for it would be deprivation, as that was how we sometimes experienced it. But at the same time, it was a spiritual challenge, the first “discipline” of the young Christian life. It was somehow supposed to make us stronger, wiser, more spiritual, more loving. Did it work for you?

In the earliest centuries of Christian life, Lent was a 40-day observance of repentance and reflection, incorporated with biblical and doctrinal teaching, in preparation for being baptized on Easter morning.

OK. So, maybe you’re not preparing to be baptized. And maybe you don’t set your feet inside a church per se. Maybe your spiritual place of worship is Lily Point or a bench at Lighthouse Marine Park, a wooded trail or gentle mountain top in the lower mainland.

Maybe you have a little altar in your home where you meditate. It’s all good. We all have souls, and souls need care and feeding much as bodies and minds do.

Another practice of soul care is the occasional meeting with like-minded companions for meditation, reflection, sharing or perhaps some quiet music. And sometimes our souls need a good spring cleaning and a refill of light, love and peace.

For purposes of this little tome, let’s call this period of non-denominational soul care, Lent.

This year, our own interfaith minister, reverend Bev Mar will be guiding us on a soul-reviving lenten journey on Thursday afternoons with quiet music, contemplation, some sharing and reflection, and guided meditation.

This journey will happen on six Thursdays, between noon and 1 pm, in the Trinity Church sanctuary, beginning on February 27. We will be invited to reflect on things we would like to clear from our lives, and qualities/experiences we would like to invite into our souls.

So, if a little gentle spring-cleaning sounds like just what you need this time of year, please consider joining us on Thursday afternoons.

Your precious soul will be certain to thank you!


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