Church News – February 2021


Well, if it isn’t one thing, it is another. It has been one difficult year for many people, and their churches.

Our little church has had to close its doors; half of our beloved congregation is unable to enter the United States from Canada. There have been no concerts, no summer camp, no community gatherings.

And now we have learned that our beautiful and historic sanctuary is need of major repair and restoration. This comes as a result of its age, and the nature of the ground on which it is built. These things happen. And eventually they need to be fixed.

The Apostle Paul was one dedicated servant of the Lord. Having had a radical vision of Jesus which converted him from a rabid persecutor of early Christians to one of their most prodigious missionaries and theologians, he referred to himself as an Apostle, rounding out the ‘Twelve,’ which was reduced by Judas’ tragic betrayal and subsequent suicide.

Paul was passionate for the Gospel and was tireless in his travels to various communities throughout Greece and Asia Minor, establishing communities and churches. He also collected donations from these churches to aid the troubled early church in Jerusalem. Furthermore, in several of Paul’s letters to the various churches he ministered to throughout the Roman Empire, he encourages these fledgling churches to support one another through prayer, hosting traveling disciples and sending financial support with these travelers between the churches. 

So we reside in the great, extended history
of the church in the world. Trinity has, through our Canadian financial account “Daily Bread,” supported church ministry and missions throughout the world. Now we will be on the receiving end of this equation, so that our presence, our gifts of word, sacrament, music, healing and support, celebration, food, and community service, can continue into the future.

In future issues of the All Point Bulletin, we will be communicating our history, our celebrations, programs, our joyful presence and our hopes for our future.

In brief, this renovation will be a two-part endeavor: First we will have to build external supports to the sanctuary building to “keep it standing” and usable until we can fund the major work, which will install a more substantial permanent foundation and rebuild parts of walls that have been affected. So I invite you to keep an ear to the ground, soggy as it is, and think of ways you can be part of our history and our future as the faithful Church of Point Roberts! 


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