Church News– July


We are starting to come back to life. People are out enjoying the sunshine. Restaurants are filling outdoor spaces, stores are re-opening. We still feel limitations, but our wings are drying and stretching and making us long for even more freedom.

What will back to normal look like? Some think this is the time to create new normal. This lockdown allows you to reflect on how old normal was not working, and to look at how we can come out of this ready to hit a reset button, as it were. It may not happen on a large scale, but we each have a life, and our own choices to make, situations to resolve and heal. I am inspired to share some words of wisdom from Caroline Myss, a teacher, speaker and healer. In a transcribed weekly YouTube video, that seems timely:

“This is your moment. You don’t discover how you can heal until you’re sick. You don’t discover how ingenious you are until you need that . . . how much you influence your reality until you need to do that. Go one step at a time. When you are sitting around thinking ‘What am I going to do next?’ you are going to turn to your history by habit, when in fact, that part is gone. You have to get through the ‘rattlement’ of your fear in that moment and start to consider only what’s in front of you, what’s within you and learn to listen to guidance that’s going to direct you in ways you’ve never considered before. Because all you can consider is what’s in front of you. Heaven only works with what’s in front of you. And that’s how heaven makes miracles happen.”

“God in your blood and bones; the nature of organic Divinity”.

“So, never, ever underestimate the power of a prayer, the power of faith. So when you close your eyes, say, ‘God, hover over me. don’t know where you are, I don’t know what you’re up to, but just pour some grace into my system now. I need it. Make it some real serious badass grace because I am in need of some guidance now.’”

“And that’s how you pray. Pray as though you are crazy, as though you expect that power to show up right now, and it does. Don’t expect books to start flying off the shelf. The way grace works, it settles you inside, like an antacid. It calms you down. You take a deep breath. And somehow a thought will occur to you, maybe an hour later, maybe two hours . . . you forget you even said a prayer. And then, something occurs to you . . . and that’s how heaven works. That’s how heaven works. Always.”

Perhaps a lesson from lockdown is openness to still oneself, to listen, to wait patiently, expectantly, and then to simply, receive. That’s how heaven works.


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