Church News - May


It was a lovely warm Saturday evening and those of us attending the reunion concert were in for an amazing treat. Six young adults, who as children had been part of Trinity Church’s Music Camps over several years, put on a very special evening performing their own works. The expertise of their camp leaders, Tasha Neufeld and Caitlin Beaupré, shone through as each of the campers performed original compositions.

Julian Neufeld kicked things off with a set of raw and vulnerable songs about living in strange times and love in the midst and aftermath of turmoil, while on guitar. AmandaLyn Wayland followed with an autobiographical spoken piece about companionship, grief and the aging process.

Sinead Ocean came through next on ukulele (her cousin Julian backing her up) and took us on a journey through late night beach trips and the honey-sweet feeling of falling in love.

Veronica North’s lyrical prowess ricocheted through in beautiful musical glimpses of her life, balancing humor, heartbreak, and hope. Jen March delivered a poem reinterpreting the familiar tale of walking on water. Finaly, Kiara Strijack brought everything full circle with two songs, one a compilation of scripture quotes she has been able to find strength and solace in, and one embodying the sun-soaked days of youth and new experiences one can only find at summer camp.

Due to the nature of the unbuffered wooden pews, Tantalizing Tasha took us on a journey up off of our sore seats and onto our feet to warm-up just like a real camper.

We started by picking our own alliterative nicknames and corresponding actions, a trick to help learn your fellow teammates’ names (mine was definitely Bar-B-Que-Lover Barb; cue my pantomiming flipping patties and pressing them back down to the grill with a sizzle). Then, we went “Down, Down, Baby,” down by the rollercoaster, incorporating every tired limb we had in an attempt to revitalize and get the blood flowing before we strapped back to finish the show.

As a closer, other former camp members returned up front with the performers to sing snippets of their favorite songs from each of the plays featured throughout the years.

Lovely soprano harmonies were featured on an impactful message of a friendship where each person takes turns caring for the other. Hungry, carnivorous lions suddenly sprang out into a fun villain song, as we imagine them circling Daniel in their den.

And, of course, the cast had a great time chanting an important reminder to stand-up-for-what-is-right. Finally, Dietary Diva Dorothy had arranged a variety of desserts for performers and attendees alike.


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