Church news – May


By Gina Gaudet

It is tempting to say that Easter is over. The church sees Easter as the culmination of the Lenten season, so in a way, it is an ending. Not so!

The Easter story takes place in the early morning, just after dawn. But just as the dawn is not the whole day, Easter morning is not the whole Easter story. There are many stories left to tell about Jesus and his followers after the resurrection. So many, in fact, that we will be journeying through the Easter story for another seven weeks.

The life of the church is the life of the resurrection, people. It’s the story of hope and resistance. It is the story of how love shows up, not only in the unexpected places – a feed trough in a barn cave, at parties with hookers, taxmen or other ‘unlikely’ types, at community wells in the heat of the day or at an execution on a hill outside the city – but right in the middle of whatever is happening in our little part of the world, with the people we know or love, or in those parts of the world we only read or see on the evening news.

In an anxious, uncertain world, love shows up. In the dozens of small things you do each day, love can show up. In various community meetings, with their decisions and disagreements, love can show up. On your journeys, whether local, statewide or international, love is available to show up.

During the Easter season, we will be exploring how love shows up for us, for our homes and our world. Or, more precisely, how we bring love to all by our presence, our actions, our persistence and our highest intentions.

Resurrection is not the end of the Jesus story – it is the beginning of the story of the Easter people! We invite you to join us on this journey!


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