Church News – November


There are so many churches! The church/denomination of choice may be based on family history; it could be a connection to a congregation (you were invited by a friend/colleague to a special event or gathering); or, having simply attended out of curiosity, you enjoyed your experience. Maybe you got a feeling of “being at home” at a church. Whatever drew you in, you found a resting place for your curious heart and soul.

The multiplicity of denominations comes out of the very history of the church. This history is full of inspiration, growth, disagreement, fissure and even rebellion. But for many, theology is a personal matter. A belief system will resonate or repel. This is not a judgment on churches or their doctrines, but is rather the result of the journey of the soul to find a place of belonging in an uncertain world.

One part of the Jesus story that defies being categorized or “owned” by any church is the story of healing. It is important to note that Jesus did not demand fealty when he healed. He didn’t care if a person was a believer or not. He saw people in pain and suffering, and he had compassion. He touched them. Sometimes there was a ritual (Mark 8:22-25, John 9:1-11); sometimes just a touch. Sometimes he didn’t do anything (Mark 5:24-34). As he would put it, “Your faith has made you well.”

He even healed remotely (Luke 7:1-10). And then do you know what he told his followers before his death? He said, “I tell you truly, one who believes in me will also do the works that I do, and even greater works than these will they do, because I go to the creator.” (John 14:12) When Jesus leaves the time-space limitations of human life, his spiritual power is released as a gift to all who follow him on the way. And who are we to name or determine how that power will be experienced? And by/through whom?

Healing is an important part of the ministry of the church. It is empowered by prayer as much as by any kind of training. It is empowered by compassion, and sometimes by sheer faith. That faith might be enacted in a church setting, but just as often in a home, an office, even on a street.

Healing is a ministry that we are embracing and sharing at Trinity. We are preparing a sacred space for healing in our building. We have people with training and people with gifts, and a community of great faith, powered by a great love. This is not a Lutheran ministry, but a ministry of the realm of Christ. This ministry acknowledges that healing occurs on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. More than often, it is a combination of more than one. The ancient root of the words “heal” and “whole” is the same. Healing is a return to wholeness.

It is a sharing of energy, which can be experienced through touch, sound, light, color, prayer, forgiveness, food, love, hugs, beach walks, forest walks, meditation, singing together. Healing is an activity of the spirit, and this spirit seeks expression and embodiment in our lived experience, our relationships and community.

We will be sharing this journey on our website and our Facebook page (Just search Trinity Community Lutheran Church Point Roberts on Facebook or your search engine), so stay tuned and stay connected.


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