Excessive Heat Warning: Possible temperatures over 100 degrees Sunday and Monday


I am sure everyone knows it is going to be hot this weekend, but the National Weather Service just issued an Excessive Heat Warning for Western Whatcom County including Bellingham and the Cascades of Whatcom County (Newhalem and Mount Baker):

WHAT: Dangerously hot conditions with highs warming to the 90’s and peaking above 100 degrees Sunday and Monday.

WHEN: From 2 p.m. Friday to 1 p.m. Monday.

IMPACTS: Unusual warmth and record high temperatures will significantly increase the potential for heat related illnesses, particularly for those working or participating in outdoor activities and for the elderly and those without air conditioning. Nighttime relief from the heat will be reduced especially in urban areas, which will remain warmer later into the night. Low temperatures will be in the 60s to mid-70s.

Local Discussion:

Right now it looks like the hottest will be from Everson up the Sumas Valley where current models put temperatures up over 100 on Sunday and Monday. Coastal areas of Whatcom County will be marginally cooler, with highs in the high 80’s to low 90’s.

There does not appear to be any rainfall in the forecast for the next 21 days, so as a reminder there is a burn ban for unincorporated Whatcom County. In todays call with the National Weather Service and in speaking with Department of Natural Resources the fire danger remains moderate, however things are changing quickly. It is suggested that people be extremely careful this year with fireworks and any recreational fires.

Remember, violations of these burn restrictions may result in a minimum $250.00 fine. In addition, if you have a fire that escapes or needs to be extinguished by the fire department, you may be held financially responsible for fire suppression costs, as well as be criminally charged.

While there is nothing we can do to stop the heat over the coming days, there are things we can do to reduce our exposure to its effects:

- If possible, stay in an air-conditioned location.

- Drink more water than usual; do not wait until you're thirsty to drink water.

- Check on a friend or neighbor.

- Do not leave pets in your car.

- Avoid using the stove or oven, as this will add to the heat in your home.

- Limit your outdoor activity.

- Use sunscreen if outdoors

- Pace your activity. Start activities slow and pick up the pace gradually.

- Complete tasks early or late in the day to avoid the hottest part of the day.


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