Letters to the Editor: February 2015


The Editor:

The Point Roberts Quilting Group would like to thank the coordinators of the Point Roberts Christmas Craft Faire for all the many years of effort and headaches that they endured to put on this great event for our community. As crafters, we know how much work it is to pull off such a large event. Thank you for all your ideas, visions, and encouragement to all of us who make things in Point Roberts. You will be sorely missed.

Rose Momsen

Point Roberts


The Editor:

In light of Ferguson, Cleveland and New York City, you have no idea how pleased I was to open the January issue of the All Point Bulletin to note on page one that a year ago “Newly appointed Whatcom County Library System director Christine Perkins made her first visit to Point Roberts.” That item was offset by the shocking violence piece, the photo of Nutmeg the killer ewe attacking the Frosty the Snowman last March.

Keep on reporting these marvelous stories that restore our faith in simpler times and values.

W. Baird Blackstone



The Editor:

Your “parks board” is composed of five commissioners, elected to staggered four-year terms. This coming November, three of the five positions will be up for election, and I am writing to encourage you to consider throwing your hat in the ring.

The parks board oversees the community center, Julius Fire Hall and Baker Field. The board has a lot going on at present, from ongoing capital improvements at the community center to working with the Friends of the Point Roberts Library to renovate the Julius Fire Hall to revitalizing Baker Field. We need citizens to contribute their time, energy and good judgment as representatives of the people on all of our elected boards, including the Point Roberts Park and Recreation District.

For me, serving two terms has been a great honor, and I hope I have made a positive contribution. However, I do not plan to run for a third term, feeling that it’s time to take a little rest – hence this appeal to others to consider running for office. We will always need fresh faces and new ideas, and it’s a great way to give back to the


If anyone would like to talk privately with me about how to run and what it’s like to serve on the parks board, please give me a call any time at 945-1357 or email mark.robbins@prodigy.net.

Mark Robbins, commissioner

Point Roberts Park and Recreation District


The Editor:

It’s been said many times, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is a truism that is relevant today in our community. The village is Birch Bay, Point Roberts, Semiahmoo, Point Whitehorn and downtown Blaine.

For decades, we have prided ourselves on our spirit, tenacity and ability to debate, compromise and come together with others to support a worthy cause.

To me, this current worthy cause is to pass our upcoming school district bond election on February 10. This bond would enable us to upgrade our entire school district facilities and build a new high school over a three-year span.

It’s exciting to see the young people jumping on this cause, knowing that it is not to raise our present tax rate, but to “roll it over” from the present bonds that are completing their term.

For those of us who are older, what better legacy could we leave for the future than to be active in our support of this cause and leave our school in a better place than we found it.

In 1964, a special school assessment passed by 80 percent. At that time, superintendent Irv Ricketts said, “Blaine will have one of the most modern and complete educational plants in the state!” That was for $10 million and it passed with 80 percent of the vote.

Now that’s a statement of spirit, tenacity and good will. Let’s be part of the new history and help set the path for our “village” in the future. Now is the time!

John Liebert



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