Letters to the Editor – January


The Editor:

Circle of Care could use a little help.

Over the past year I have been ferrying people from the Point to various medical locations throughout Whatcom County. I have picked up prescriptions. Satisfying work, helping your neighbors; sometimes you get gas money, sometimes not. It is the thank you that matters.

So why do it? I suppose it started with my late Mother who always admonished me to be gracious, grateful and magnanimous. Maybe it is the over 20 years of serving in the Lions Club whose simple moto is “We Serve.”

Maybe there is some religious aspects my religion calls upon me to follow 613 rules, plus Deuteronomy and Leviticus, chapters in the Old Testament. Throw in the requirement to do a daily Mitzvah (good deed). No, there is something else going on.

These are my neighbors, some who do not have the means or the where-with-all to help themselves. Lack of transportation and the border, with the continued closure, preventing loved ones from helping. Who do you call? Ghostbusters, Superman, Batman? No, you put the request in Next Door, Paws or you contact Circle of Care.

There are less than a handful of drivers, so sometimes it is a struggle to fill a request. If you have the time, are a conscientious driver, and wish to become part of the fabric of this community, please contact Circle of Care directly 360/945-5222, or put the offer out on Paws or Next Door and Circle of Care will contact you.

People respond to a request for help, doctors will tell you it is healthy to volunteer, you get to know your neighbors. In life there are photo ops and there are journeys. It is easy to do a photo op, look around. Come with Circle of Care and participate in the journey. Come help your neighbor.

Bill Zidel, Circle of Care board

of trustees

Point Roberts


The Editor:

This is a letter of gratitude to all those who enjoyed our adventure into sharing cut flowers this summer.

Setting up the flower tables at our little farm on Marine Drive was so much fun. We appreciate everyone who came by, admired the colorful blooms, said hello to our Icelandic horses and purchased flowers for themselves and loved ones.

It was truly an honor to create birthday bouquets, welcome home surprises, anniversary love, “cheer up a friend” arrangements and even make “jars of sunshine” for a backyard wedding. We started growing flowers about six years ago. In 2021, we found ourselves home and unable to travel for work. So we decided to plant and grow more flowers than we ever had before. The summer of 2021 brought continued challenges for all of us.

Amidst the limitations though, it also gave us time in the garden and the ability to offer fresh, locally grown flowers to our neighbors in Point Roberts. The flowers also brought us the opportunity to make new friends and to meet new neighbors who moved here this past year.

Thank you again to everyone who visited our little stand and for sharing your stories and smiles.

We are excited to continue expanding and learning about organic gardening. We will be offering a lot more colorful blooms next season here at Clover Blossom Farm.

Thank you again for your kindness and support. We wish you a holiday season full of happiness and love.

Catherine Stewart, Clover

Blossom Farm

Point Roberts


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