Letters to The Editor: January 13-19, 2022


The Editor:

I have two responses to share; first, I so agree with the remarks shared by Susan Werner in the December 30 issue regarding the contrasted reporting about Doug Ericksen and Sharon Shewmake and secondly, thank you for your kind and thoughtful front page story summarizing Doug’s faithful service to our fine county and state. Good job.

Carolyn D. Anderson


The Editor:

Birch Bay, welcome to 2022. I would like to thank you for a great first year serving as your Birch Bay neighborhood deputy. Policing would never be effective without the assistance and support of the community. As we continue to delicately navigate this pandemic, I look forward to more in-person events and bigger meetings.

I would also like to thank sheriff Bill Elfo for fighting to keep the essential community programs through hard financial times. Thank you to your previous Birch Bay deputy Todd Damon for making my transition easy and passing along a great program. I appreciate the continued support from the members of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce and their dedication to the community. And thank you to The Northern Light for its unwavering truth in reporting.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you to look out for your neighbors. Canadian-owned and vacation homes may still be vacant and are targets for burglaries and thefts. Keep your items marked whether that’s writing down the serial numbers, taking photographs, or leaving your own personal engraved marking. And call in suspicious activity.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone, 360/778-6781, or e-mail, djones@whatcomcounty.us, with questions, concerns, or upcoming meetings and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. I don’t work 24/7 so anything in progress or urgent call 911.

I wish you all good health and happiness!

Derek Jones, Birch Bay deputy

Birch Bay

The Editor:

I am writing to ask voters to vote “yes” for the Birch Bay Vogt Community Library, which will be on the February 8 special election ballot.

Much information has been given about the benefits of having a library in our community so I will not repeat that now. Unfortunately, some misleading information has also been seen, trying to persuade some from supporting the library. I hope to clarify some of that misleading


It has been said that, “We already pay $.39/$1,000 assessed valuation for libraries,” and that the levy for the new library of $.11/$1,000 valuation will only add to that. While technically true, it is misleading. We now pay $.39 to support the operation of all libraries in Whatcom County, meaning we pay for libraries throughout the county; however, we do not have one in Birch Bay. The new levy of $.11 will go only to build the new Birch Bay library and will expire once paid for, which is a significant difference. Additionally, if we pass this levy, Washington state will contribute $2 million dollars toward building our library, which is approximately one-third of the cost.

It has also been suggested that the Birch Bay residences defeated the levy in November and that we should listen to the voters. OK. Let’s listen. In the last vote, 59.29 percent of the voters voted “yes,” only .71 percent shy of a super majority. The levy fell by only 26 votes needed to pass. I believe we should listen to the voters and support the majority that said “yes” to the library.

The benefits of a library in the Birch Bay community are immeasurable. Libraries benefit everyone in one way or another. We are already paying for “libraries” so would it not make sense that our tax dollars are going to pay for “our library”?

Please vote “yes” for the Birch Bay Vogt Community Library. Thank you.

Pat Jerns

Birch Bay

The Editor:

Wow! Birch Bay, I am so pleased to hear the news about the upcoming Birch Bay Library.

Although my address is Everson, please know your library will be a destination library to me.

Please allow a wide view of the Bay. I am thrilled to know we may be able to travel to Birch Bay, enjoy a lunch and refresh at your new library. Comfortable seating at a sunny (or rainy) window for reading would be ideal. Even a community puzzle table near a window view would be enticing. Please think of us who may travel farther to utilize your library. Exciting. This is one of the best things I have heard recently.

Please vote “yes” on February 8. I am certain others will be delighted, like me.

Debbie VanderVeen and family



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