Letters to the Editor: January 2015


The Editor:

I see reported in the All Point Bulletin that the sub-committee phoenix has risen from its 1992 ashes and is born again.

The thing about born-agains I have met is that they come back as themselves when they had a chance to be new and improved and didn’t take it.

From what I gather, this sub-committee sees itself as being a rat patrol to unearth county code violations and turn them into Big Brother. Sort of as a big bother to Big Brother.

Well, they are going to have their hands full embarking on this journey. In my opinion, if they are diligent, they will find in excess of 300 to 400 technical breaches of county code.

Let me know where stool pigeon headquarters is, as I have but one violation to contribute – something I suggest they begin their adventure by pursuing: the county works yard and material storage facility. It is located on residentially zoned land, which allows one house per 5 acres, according to county zoning and development laws. Clearly a violation of the county’s rules. The county should consider leading by example. Clean up your own doorstep first.

Our new slogan can be “Come to Point Roberts, where you don’t mind your own business, we mind it for you.”

Brian Calder

Point Roberts


The Editor:

Last Christmas, I was the lucky, if unwilling, recipient of an e-reader. It took me about a month to warm up to this new method of reading books for pleasure, but it does have its benefits. One of them is the availability to check out library books at midnight while in bed, a new indulgence.

This year you too may find yourself saddled/blessed with a new technological device. I just thought I’d mention that your hometown library can likely help you with whatever new e-reader/tablet/phone you get. Whatcom County Library System offers free e-books, e-audiobooks, magazines and downloadable music through their website. You do need to get a library card, but if you rent or own a home in Point Roberts, it’s easy to get. You only need a picture ID. You can even get a library card online at wcls.org.

Happy holidays to all of you readers out there and may your books be pleasurable whatever platform you read them on.

Rose Momsen

Point Roberts


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