Letters to the Editor — January 2021


The Editor:

In America, elections aren’t decided by the media, they’re decided by the Constitution. The election of 2020 is far from over! America is not, and never will be a “democracy.” Democracy equals mob rule, and we don’t have that here.

The Pennsylvania state legislature held a hearing on the 2020 election issues and irregularities today. One very credible witness described how he personally observed dozens of USB cards being uploaded to voting machines which resulted in 50,000 votes for Joe Biden in a short period of time.

This election could be decided by the Supreme Court weeks from now, but it was not over when the December issue of the All Point Bulletin was published. The Department of Defense regards Biden to be a security risk due to his business dealings with China, and due to blackmail dirt the Chinese are holding over him and his son Hunter.

Trump controls the Department of Defense and Special Forces. The Second Amendment was put into the Constitution for dark times like this, and we, the people won’t be disarmed.

The evidence of widespread fraud in this election will keep coming out for weeks. Ninety-seven percent of Trump supporters not only refuse to accept the media’s declaration that the election is “over,” many of us are willing to give our lives, if necessary, in defense of our Constitution.

I am the PCO for Trump in Point Roberts. On a windless day, Pat Grubb took a photo of the flags in front of my house hanging limply, and your caption reads, “Sad, so sad ...” To counter your propaganda, Pat, I am going to cover my lawn with Trump yard signs today, and the flags will never come down!

This election must be seen in the context of the “Covid-19 reset.” For insight, please read this letter by Archbishop Vigano to President Trump (bit.ly/34jHM4x). For additional insight regarding the example of fraud cited above, please see bit.ly/37oldh3.

As PCO for Trump in Point Roberts, I encourage the 249 courageous patriots who voted for President Trump to keep fighting, and to drop by my house for target practice (indoor range) and a conversation.

John Hammell

Point Roberts

(Ed. Note: Ground control to Major John. Ground control to Major John.)


The Editor:

I have been encouraged to write this, in the hopes that you will find its message of value to your readers.

Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to be one of the people called upon to serve an aging woman in our community. The sadness in doing so, is that she has gone beyond her mental and physical capabilities to care properly for herself. As a woman who not that long ago was vibrant and dignified, she has become frail, with a body that does not function well, and a mind that is confused and disabled.

It has been my observation that there a fair number of us who are in our elder years here at the Point. And although we have the benefit of caring people, for example, the dedicated members of The Circle of Care, many of us have no others in our realm who can attend to us. Family and friends may live beyond our border, and in some cases do not even exist.

Recently, I was urged to fill out an Advanced Directive, containing personal instructions about how I wish to have care given to me, should I not be able to make those decisions. I submitted the original form to Peace Health and gave a copy to the Point Roberts Clinic, plus a copy to one of my sons, whom I have named as my health care agent.

In this document I have outlined clear directions as to how I wish my health care to proceed, and feel confident that when and if I am unable to make major decisions concerning my health, that there will be others who will do that for me.

It is my turn to urge others to take this step as well, and the following is the website in finding more information: peacehealth.org/advance-care-planning-resources.

Thank you. I do hope you will find this important, as others of us have.

Dorothy Gurney

Point Roberts


The Editor:

The Royal Canadian Legion, Tsawwassen Branch #289 would like to thank the Point Roberts businesses that accepted our poppy trays into their stores, and in the very generous way their many customers responded with donations. This support is particularly special in light of the extra hardships being experienced in the Point with the border closure.

Also, thank you to the staff of our respective border ports who facilitated the movement of poppy trays.

Although our 2020 Poppy Campaign was severely restricted due to Covid-19 concerns, local businesses, schools, senior homes, community groups and the public stepped up with their strong support. We are very grateful for the participation of Point Roberts businesses and residents.

With direct canvassing restricted this year, the placement of poppy trays around our community was our sole means of providing the public with a chance to proudly wear a poppy and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country.

Donations received have been placed in our Poppy Trust Fund to be returned to the community, in support of our veterans.

We look forward to the time when the current pandemic is in check, and we can once again meet and mingle – perhaps over a pint in the Tsawwassen Legion!

Raye Newmen, poppy volunteer, Jack

Dosenberg, poppy chairman, Andy

Catton, poppy volunteer

Point Roberts & Tsawwassen


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