Letters to The Editor: January 6-12, 2022


The Editor:

The instructors of the Bellingham Sail and Power Squadron wish to thank Gordon MacGregor and the staff of Blaine Senior Center and the city of Blaine for the use of the center’s studio-quality space and robust internet connection for several educational Zoom trainings. The boating instructors, also Blaine Senior Center members, who conducted this training reside in rural Blaine and have unreliable internet service at their homes. Blaine Senior Center’s internet is both stable and fast. 

The presentations were free for boaters in the U.S. and Canada as part of a series for boating education. Over 160 people viewed three presentations: First aid for coastal waters, introduction to anchoring, and vessel traffic separation presented by the U.S. Coast Guard – Seattle trainers.   

The Bellingham squadron is a unit of America’s Boating Club, which offers wide-ranging boating courses throughout the U.S. We will soon be presenting two additional workshops: How to use the marine VHF radio and gunkhole kayaking.

The training couldn’t have been done without the support of Blaine Senior Center staff. Again, a very sincere thank you.

Donna and Graham Hunter, Bill Morin and Madeline Mimi Tompkins,

Bellingham Sail and Power Squadron education team


The Editor:

It’s been two months since our local elections. I was not successful in my bid for a seat on the Blaine school board. I want to thank the 3,000-plus voters who trusted me with their votes and the many others in the school system and elsewhere who supported me.

I urge everyone to come together and support our school district’s board of directors and our other educational leaders as they navigate the challenging times ahead. Parents, administrators, teachers and support staff are working very hard to make sure that our students are safe, happy and learning. Many of those working for our students are tired and need our support. This is especially true for parents who deal with uncertainty almost every day. 

We will likely have some challenging and difficult days ahead that might serve to divide us. Many of us have moved from fear and anger over the pandemic to frustration and impatience. Nonetheless, we all need to work together to support those who work on behalf of our students. 

Please take a deep breath before getting upset about what the leaders of our schools are doing and do what you can to support our students and those who work with them with your thoughts, words and actions. Our children need us to be good examples.

Again, thank you to those who supported my candidacy … it’s time to listen to each other and work together for our students.

Bob Feaster

Birch Bay

The Editor:

We, the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce board of directors, unanimously support the Birch Bay Vogt Community Library building project. We realize the significant role libraries play as educational, community and cultural centers. Libraries bring economic vitality and literacy to a community, thus enhancing the quality of life. 

“The purpose of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is to promote, encourage and coordinate cooperation and civil exchange between all elements of the community; and to promote, enhance and advocate for the civic, commercial, economic, recreational, and general welfare interest of the Birch Bay area.” (Article 2 BBCC Bylaws) 

“Libraries are essential. They are important cornerstones of a healthy community.” Therefore, we heartily endorse this endeavor and would encourage all to help provide the needed resources to make this library building project a reality for the community of Birch Bay. 

Birch Bay Chamber of 

Commerce board of directors

Birch Bay

The Editor:

We were so very close – just 26 more votes would have met our required 60 percent goal. So, we have to start over. 

We are very grateful for all the 59 percent of people who voted in favor of the Birch Bay Vogt Community Library. So very close.

There is a special election on February 8 where our Proposition 2 will offer another opportunity to show your support for this project. If everyone who voted for it in November invited one person who didn’t vote then to join them on Vote Yes! in February, we would have more than enough to make the 60 percent. 

Do you think that’s possible? Let’s see.

Ruth Higgins


The Editor:

Thanks to Susan Werner for her letter voicing concern of the slow move toward wokeness and left-leaning opinion news in The Northern Light. Hopefully, 2022 will focus on making truth and factual information available with less opinion for the benefit of all.

Janice Lee



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