Letters to the Editor, July 1-7, 2021


The Editor:

Does anyone else out there question the sale by the city and approval by council of the property at 665 Peace Portal? I realize that this cash-poor city paid out a lot of money to demolish the existing building and needed to replace that money, but in doing the math with the sale, I don’t see that the city will even make all of its money back. Don’t tell us beggars can’t be choosy. With real estate now they can be just that.

How have we all benefited? The probable loss of a water view, our biggest asset. A buyer who has voiced not being sure of what he’d do with the property – having definite plans should have been part of the sale.

This property is commercial property with a waterfront view on the main street of a city. Every similar parcel in the same part of the city can also be bought for at least twice the price. Yes, they still sit unsold, yet this is as close to a giveaway as can be seen … and cities aren’t allowed to gift by state law. I guess though when money is received back, that law is

The sale was premature and undervalued. In the past six months, well before the property was listed, property values in Blaine had increased by as much as 50 percent. Even derelict properties command premium prices, and have sold well above asking. Yet this was a list and sale at old time prices.

Come on, city administration and council. If you’re going to plead poverty and reduce services, or eventually pass costs on to all of us, help yourself too when you get the chance. We may all have lost on this one, except the buyer who made all of his money back just in the purchase itself thanks to rising property values here.

To rephrase a line from a novella, “Power never has to say I’m sorry” (or perhaps, never have to give reason). I do believe though that we all deserve to receive some better reasons regarding this sorry transaction from both the city and council.

Ray Leone



The Editor:

The Search for Stripes continues through the holiday weekend. Stripes is a patriotic library kitty who has been visiting different Birch Bay businesses. He will continue visiting every day (sometimes even twice in one day) through July 4. To find him, watch for clues on the Friends of Birch Bay Library Facebook page (FOBBLibrary) or NextDoor.com.

Just show your library card to the staff and you’ll receive some amazing treats such as popsicles, snow cones, sodas and candy bars.

When you find Stripes, you can take a selfie with him and post it on NextDoor.com and your own Facebook page with the #StripesSearch to be entered into a drawing for some pawsome prizes from generous Birch Bay businesses.

Prize pickup will be at the future Birch Bay Library site starting July 5. Please contact Dianne at FOBBLPresident@gmail.com or 206/850-8590 for more

Ruth Higgins



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