Letters to the Editor, July 29-August 4, 2021


The Editor:

My fiancé recently had a cardiac arrest for reasons unknown and we have to continue to do tests, and he is currently in the ICU, but with officers Jon Landis and Katelyn Weaver being there, may very well have given him the best chance of survival to come back to normal.

This is going to be a long road ahead, but if he hadn’t been there, I know what would have happened and it’s hard to take in. Then he came by the house to inform me and was just there as emotional

This is what a small town is. I just wanted to give credit to where it’s due.

Sylvana Tipton



The Editor:

We are writing to encourage the folks of Whatcom County to vote for Kamal Bhachu for the position of council member at-large.

We have known Kamal for several years and have always been impressed by his willingness to learn and to listen attentively and respectfully to all viewpoints. He is a conscientious, thoughtful man who is not prone to quick decisions, but takes time to thoughtfully consider all sides of an issue. He is not overly partisan, so we feel he would represent the majority of our citizens well.

His experience as an immigrant, and his varied educational and work experiences, from construction work to automotive to nursing, would provide a unique aspect to the decisions being made that affect all citizens of our county. We believe he deeply cares for people, for families working to provide for their households, and for our concerns in keeping this corner of the U.S. a wonderful place to live and thrive.

We both have a sincere interest in this place we call home. Leslie’s great-grandparents settled in Blaine in 1890 and she’s taught for the Blaine school district since 1986. Charlie is a lieutenant for a local fire district and has been employed as a firefighter/EMT since 2004.

We both agree that Mr. Bhachu has our full confidence.

Please cast your vote for our friend Kamal!

Leslie and Charlie Drury



The Editor:

The New York Times reported on U.S. lower life expectancy. “It’s hard to imagine a more alarming sign of a society’s well-being than an inability to keep its citizens alive. While some of the reasons are mysterious, others are fairly clear. American society has become far more unequal than it used to be, and the recent increases in mortality are concentrated among working-class Americans, especially those without a four-year college degree.” 

Our country should be acknowledging the hardships, depression and suicide – beyond unjust real estate opportunities, banking, education, medical care and rural disenfranchisement by lack of infrastructure.

Did you know that small towns cannot even get a Dollar Store because the franchise requires a sewer system and not a septic system in some areas? (While private business can practice its own guidelines, this is just an example of systemic issues most of us know nothing about.) There are so many issues that our Congress could be looking at as bipartisan issues.   

It is about time that citizen voters count for more than votes and constituency means more than party politics. We the People means everyone; not Ours the Party. It is time for a functional Congress.

Donna Starr



The Editor:

Please support and vote for Barb For Blaine. We have known Barb for many years: she is a caring person and friend. Barb worked as a nurse while raising her family, completing a masters degree in business at the same time. She later expanded her medical background by working at Amgen, a biotech company, conducting clinical trials in oncology.

With her wide experience Barbara Sturdivant will be a great addition to Blaine City Council. Barb is committed to encouraging new business opportunities in Blaine and ensuring a safe place for young families to live.

Lisel Silk and Jan Atchity



The Editor:

The current political climate in Washington state and throughout America has erupted into the rights of the criminal and surpass the rights of the communities to protect and defend themselves.

Knowing the vision of our leaders in law enforcement being to protect and uphold the law has always been to benefit the communities they serve.

We in Whatcom County have been fortunate to have those in law enforcement of the upmost character and professionalism.

The recent changes in the laws enacted by the state legislature to put those who commit crimes, and who need medical help, ahead of those who need to defend our communities, is no longer for the benefit of the communities, but to destroy them.

Look at Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis. Sheer destruction and fueled by the politicians there.

A summer of love in Seattle is hideous when thugs destroy and occupy a police precinct and are applauded by the city council and the mayor.

When support is for domestic Marxist terrorist organizations to fly under the cloak of peaceful protesting when rioting and committing terrorism is asinine.

We need to quit apologizing for who we are. When someone commits a crime, they are the criminal and need to be dealt with.

For the radical left in the state legislature to create laws that devastate our communities is beyond comprehension. The rationale is ludicrous.

Lowering standards to enforce policing does not do anything to protect our communities. This will encourage and promote more crime and resistance. The criminals and thugs will figure this out in 30 seconds and take full advantage of the radical laws. When people are arrested and have multiple arrests and re-released back on the streets in minutes is mind-boggling. Those who support this activity are not only complicit but incorrigible.

Elections matter. The election coming up is the first step in supporting our law enforcement and first responders.

Find out who is using “we speak” and vote them out. Obviously, the current legislatures do not support law enforcement, nor your safety.

Ray Pelletti



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