Obituary – Karen Scotti


Karen Scotti

December 23, 1941 – Feb. 26, 2022

Karen Scotti passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada, after a brief illness. Her younger brother, Jay, was at her side. Anyone of you who knew Karen, will understand when we say she crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Yes. That one! Karen never met any fur-bearing animal she didn’t love, and they loved her back in equal measure. Her idea of the hereafter always included the presence of every animal she ever loved being in paradise with her.

Karen had a varied and illustrious career experience: in news, reporting, programming and production in New York, and in media and public relations for major corporations in Colorado and Washington state. At 56, she reinvented her life, coming to Point Roberts where her brother, sister-in-law and nephews lived, and opened TSB Shipping with Shelley Christina. By the way, back then, TSB stood for Two Smart Broads! They were!

After retiring and selling TSB to the Marquettes, Karen moved back to the Tri Cities area in Washington state. She remained there until her move into a long-term care facility in Las Vegas in 2020.

Alzheimer’s disease took lots of things from Karen, and from those who loved her and who were witness to the devastating effects of this disease. It never took her love for animals or her happiness around them. Alzheimer’s did take the facade of hardness and obligations required of her as a business and career person, but left a woman who was fully present and engaged in the moment, unburdened by memory or regret. We can be grateful for that for her.

Karen is survived by her older brother Paul, and sister-in-law Charlene, brother Dante Jay and sister-in-law Waneta, and nephews Gary, Michael and Daniel. She was ideally suited to the role of Auntie and adored her nephews. Her long-time cat companion, Jake, survived Karen by three days.

Karen’s friend of 50-plus years, Cathy, predeceased her. Long-time friends Kate and Shelley, and Daryl and Bobbie, join all her family in mourning the passing of one hell of a dame.

In September, Karen’s ashes will be interred here on the Point, the one place in her adult life she truly called home.