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Rena Andreoli

With the launch of her signature business, “rena bella beauty,” Point Roberts resident Rena Andreoli is fulfilling a lifelong dream. And her line of nourishing oils is indeed dreamy.

Each offering is silky, beautifully scented and soothing. Rena’s goal in creating beauty products that restore and nourish the skin, is to “redefine the meaning of beauty.”

“What I want to say to people is simply, love who you are,” Rena says. “As a make-up artist, I’m aware of how many people just don’t see their own beauty.”

As an inquisitive five-year-old, Rena began dabbling in her mother’s “lotions and potions.” “I was drawn to scents, and to how things felt on my skin. Once I even put butter on my face,” Rena laughs. “It was always alchemy for me, experimenting, combining things.”

In her teen years, Rena enrolled in a modeling agency, and began her training in make-up artistry. CoverGirl hired her while she was still in high school, to travel and lecture on make-up and skin-care to her peers. From this, she transitioned to doing make-up for models.

Next it was Hollywood, where Rena became a highly successful make-up artist. A creative talent –“I love a bloody lip, four rounds in a boxing ring” – she was equally adept at production. “I understand budgets,” she smiles, “and I play well with others.”

It was in Los Angeles that Rena met her husband, Adam Silver, also in the movie industry. A location scout, it was Adam who discovered Point Roberts. And so, 18 years ago, they bought a summer place on the Point – a retreat for their growing family.

And they needed a retreat. “Being in L.A. is like being dropped into a videogame. Go, go, go.” Rena is waving her hands frenetically. “You just inhale and hold your breath. The exhale comes at the Point Roberts border.” Her hands drop, the smile widens.

It was eight years ago they left L.A. and settled in Point Roberts full time. “But in spite of running around like a chicken down there, moving to Point Roberts was not an easy transition,” Rena says. Both she and Adam continued their careers, commuting to L.A., alternating their time away in order to raise their two young daughters. Rena shifted her commitments to shorter-term work.

“I fly in for the Oscars, the Emmys, red carpet events. Presidents, queens, actors we all know.” I want names, but Rena is a professional. “TV commercials are my main work now, allowing me a quick in and out.”

Though the move was challenging, it meant freedom for their kids. “In L.A., they couldn’t stray past the security gate” Rena says, and inevitably the Point won her over. “I still get this incredible sense of peace and there’s the beautiful feel of community.”

With her daughters now 18 and 13, Rena’s window of personal opportunity is expanding. “I feel I’m ready to weed out what doesn’t sustain me. The past year has been a very good time for my passion.” And that has been the creation of unique blends of oils.

The first step lies in sourcing the best oils. Some, such as rose hip, flax seed, jojoba and lavender oils come from the US. Rose oil is from Bulgaria, where roses are of the best quality and extraction is the finest. Sandalwood – Rena’s favorite – comes from India. “Sandalwood is subtle. A quiet but intoxicating scent. It goes into your skin like velvet.” After sourcing these and other oils, it’s time for the lab which is a small building built by Adam, right behind the family home. A little haven that smells divine. It is here Rena experiments, blending oils until she is satisfied. “It’s not just about scent. It’s color, weight, the quality of being absorbed into the skin. An oil needs to perform.”

Rena’s primary product is “Nourish – a heavenly blend of nurturing oils for your face.” A blend designed to calm and feed the skin. “And it’s not just sitting there on your skin, it’s absorbed,” Rena says. This is the key to fine oils – the skin is able to drink them in. Better than butter.   

Rena herself is the best advocate for her oils and for her goal of redefining the meaning of beauty. Her logo, “love who you are,” is reflected in her warm and open face. A face that inspires an oxymoron – it is both animated and calm. A radiant look that expresses good cheer. A well-loved face

Rena’s last word? “Beauty comes from loving ourselves. Can we just do that?” Imagine.

For more information check out or find @renabellabeauty  on Instagram.


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