Publisher's Note


The end of November has brought tidings of sad news to this newspaper, Point Roberts, and elsewhere. The founding editor of the All Point Bulletin, Glennys Christie, passed away November 15 at the age of 80 in Florida. Closer to home, garden columnist Jody Hackleman was tragically taken suddenly on November 11 at the age of 65.

My wife Louise and I purchased the All Point Bulletin from Glennys back in 1991 after she announced she was shuttering the paper. While both of us had publishing backgrounds, we didn’t know much about newspapers except that a community isn’t a community if it doesn’t have one. We had that belief in common with Glennys. She was the consummate community newspaper editor. She believed in open public meetings and records and the public’s right to oversee their government on every level.

She advocated community participation in the paper – from an open letters forum to local contributors writing about what they loved. Jody Hackleman, writing about gardens, epitomized Glennys’ ideals of a community newspaper. We thank them both.


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