Unpermitted road and ditch draws county eyes


Whatcom County enforcement staff are looking into expansive road and drainage work proceeding without permits at the intersection of APA Road and Tyee Drive.

Annette Collins, a planner with the county’s code enforcement office, said she first visited the site on February 26 in response to an enforcement request from a citizen. She is returning for a follow up visit on March 25 after seeing photographs sent by the All Point Bulletin showing that work has advanced substantially since her initial visit and conversations with representatives of the property owner. There are no permits on record with Whatcom County for work at the location.

“If a determination of violation is made, a notice of violation and order to correct may be issued,” she said.

The property in question is owned by MDI-Point Roberts LP, which owns four parcels totaling over 40 acres to the north and west of the drainage canals beginning at the intersection of Tyee Drive and APA Road that were created during the development of the marina. Work to date includes drainage ditches and road work.

According to the Washington Secretary of State’s office, MDI-Point Roberts LP is owned by Mykyte Development Inc., for which Stephen Brisbane and Holly Mykyte are listed as governors. Holly Mykyte is president of E. Mykyte Developments in B.C. Property taxes on the four properties have not been paid since 2018.


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