A short conversation...


... between Whatcom County director of public works Jon Hutchings and the APB:


“People are wondering whether the public works department is re-naming roads in Point Roberts. Previously, this road was called Boundary Bay Road.”



“Yes. Budgets are slim this year and the sign guys charge by the letter.  We aim to be good stewards of tax payer dollars…  and thank you for bringing it to my attention. We will straighten it out.”

Best regards,



“It reminds me of the time that CBP (before it was called that) put signs up on Roosevelt telling people it was a criminal offense to enter the U.S. without reporting to a port of entry. When asked how come the signs faced the U.S. and not Canada, the spokesperson sighed and said some things are just so obvious that you don’t think you need to tell the crews installing the signs …”



“I appreciate the chuckle and, of course, we have great respect for our sign crew!  Brian is on it.”



And well he did. The sign was replaced within two days of the emails.


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