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Letters to the Editor - August

The Editor: The lame turnout for July 18’s “Candidates Night” at the community center was disappointing. Eight candidates showed up: Five for county executive and three for … more

Letters to the Editor – June

The Editor and good people of Point Roberts: It is with some sadness that I announce my imminent departure from our tiny, accidental geographic anomaly. It’s been both an honor … more

Letters to the Editor – May

The Editor and Senator Murray: I hesitate contacting you as I know that there are many significant federal and state issues requiring your attention. However, you have proven to be such a strong … more

Letters to the Editor – April

The Editor: We would like to thank our community for their diligence throughout the pandemic and their thoughts and care of their neighbors and friends. The last Covid testing at the fire hall … more

Letters to the Editor – March

The Editor: I am writing this to express my personal apologies to any of you who have been notified that unless you are a member of the Boundary Bay Homeowners Association, you will no longer be … more

Letters to the Editor – February

The Editor and Bennett Knox, director, Whatcom County Parks Department: A quotation for replacement of the boat launch and fishing dock was received today from Scott Strack at Knight Boat Docks in … more

Letters to the Edittor – December

The Editor: This letter is to express a huge amount of gratitude for all those who stopped by Clover Blossom Farm this year and to those who had flowers delivered to their homes. We appreciate … more

Letters to the Editor – November

The Editor: As a retired educator who worked in the Bellingham school district for most of my career, I have met many incredible students and families. One family stands out – a … more

Lettters to the Editor – September

The Editor: Yikes! The story of the cyclist collapsing in eart distress! I have lived on Cape Cod, Massachusetts since 1985, but as a teen living in Tsawwassen in the ’70s, I often rode my … more

Letters to the Editor – July

The Editor: The Point Roberts Taxpayers Association (PRTA) will be holding its annual general meeting (AGM) this month, on Thursday, July 21, at 5 p.m., at Kiniski’s Reef Tavern (outside … more

Letters to the Editor – June

The Editor and Whatcom County Council: I am a 10-year homeowner in Point Roberts and thankful to be back. The All Point Bulletin recently ran a detailed article on Whatcom County’s ongoing … more

Letters to the Editor – May

The Editor: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Tilbury Terminal Expansion Project – risk of catastrophic explosion related to tanker traffic on the Fraser River – a warning. This … more

Letters to the Editor – April

The Editor: I am writing to pay tribute and wish a fond farewell to a wonderful friend and a true community leader, Jennifer Urquhart. Jennifer will be heading back to her Tidewater, … more

Letters To The Editor – March

The Editor: The Canadian Cancer Society deserves praise for its Dry Feb campaign: it shines light on the role that alcohol – wine, whisky, champagne, beer et al – plays in the … more

Letters to the Editor – February

The Editor and Dave Armstrong: Sorry to hear about your missing cat. I have a fabulous cat too; I would hate to have him go missing. But why do you have a collar with a bell on her? … more

Letters to the Editor – January

The Editor: Circle of Care could use a little help. Over the past year I have been ferrying people from the Point to various medical locations throughout Whatcom County. I have picked up … more

Letters to the Editor – Deceember

The Editor: Some of my first memories of attending services at Trinity Church (Icelandic Lutheran in those days) were Christmas in the 1930s. I remember the scent of fir boughs, which decorated … more

Letters to the Editor – November

The Editor and Senator Patty Murray: Allowing Canadian property owners vehicular access to Point Roberts to attend to their property should be part of your “narrow and tailored … more

Letters to the Editor – October

The Editor and our dear Point Roberts friends: Goodbye, Autumn! Thank you for all the kind words and offers of help this past two weeks. Thank you for the beautiful cards, and flowers, and … more

Letters to the Editor – September

The Editor: Primary care providers, listen up! This is something you must hear. Results from a large retrospective analysis found that over 80 percent of patients nationwide had not had … more
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