Letters to the Editor - August


The Editor:

The lame turnout for July 18’s “Candidates Night” at the community center was disappointing. Eight candidates showed up: Five for county executive and three for Whatcom County Council.

These folks, including incumbent county executive Satpal Sidhu, made the 100-mile round trip to Point Roberts, one that included crossing two international borders (twice) with their campaign literature, campaign signs and their best messages.

All this for an unappreciative Point Roberts audience of about 13 people.

Too bad, because this current slate of candidates is the most qualified, diverse, energetic, and experienced in recent memory.

Where were the audience representatives from the local community groups? The chamber of commerce? (Ed. Note: There were three chamber board members in attendance.)

The Point Roberts Registered Voters Association, which sponsored the event, provided a good public forum, publicity, and plenty of seats (45) for everyone. It was the residents of Point Roberts who failed to deliver by not even showing up for the event.

John Lesow

Point Roberts and North Vancouver


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