Letters to the Editor – June


The Editor and good people of Point


It is with some sadness that I announce my imminent departure from our tiny, accidental geographic anomaly.

It’s been both an honor and a pleasure to spend the past several months with most of you. You’ve invited me into your lives and helped to make this beautiful place a home for me, although it wasn’t my original intent. Like other kinds of love, connection often forms precisely when you’re not looking for it. 

Honestly, I was in a bad personal space when I moved here, blinded by a specific occupational bitterness and personal debts. Somehow, even in the February chill, your kindness and generosity thawed my spirit.

This month, I will be departing Point Roberts as a repaired man, ready to pursue my renewed dream of living among Alaskan fjords, telling fascinating stories about sustainable development and raising a family of my own. If you’d like to see this magnificent place where I’m headed for yourself, drop me a line at brencorn@gmail.com, and perhaps we’ll smoke some salmon together somewhere along Alaska’s inside passage.

I’d like to offer a special thank you to Bashir Patel, who gave me the first opportunity to work here, as well as Janet Camp, who bent over backwards to help me find my first place to live. Thanks also to Fereydoon “Fred” Pakzad, my co-workers Brett and Gabe at Erickson Bros. Garage, Melissa and Israel at the UPS Store, Scott, Steve, Paulette, Martha and Ding at the marina and Brent, Darlene, Morgan and Sherrill at Point Fuel and Pantry, as well as Linda Bruce, Chwynyn Vaughan, Ray and Patrick at the PR Food Bank, other friends, customers, and all the random characters who turn life on the Point into America’s most entertaining little community that nobody ever heard of (and we like it that way!). 

I’m sure I’ll be back to visit you all sometimes when the Alaska ferry docks in Bellingham on occasion.

All who wish are welcome to join me for a goodbye brunch at Saltwater café on Sunday, June 11 from 9 to 10 a.m. 

Brennan K. Pürtzer

Point Roberts


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