Letters to the Editor – March


The Editor:

I am writing this to express my personal apologies to any of you who have been notified that unless you are a member of the Boundary Bay Homeowners Association, you will no longer be able to use the access trail to Maple Beach from Whalen Drive.

A few months ago, our membership voted in a new board of directors. One of their first orders of business was to close the trail. Apparently, “our” lawyers thought the trail was dangerous due to its proximity to the adjacent, fenced-in retention pond. Twenty-some years ago, we opened the gated trail to dog owners and neighbors as a shortcut to the beach.

I was informed that hundreds of non-HOA residents have used the trail over the years. I live in the first house up from the trailhead and can assure everyone that nowhere near that number used our easement. I have walked my dog down Johnson and Boundary Bay roads and it can be a challenge competing with traffic coming or going up the hill.

I hope that in the near future we can convince our board that a sign informing our friends and neighbors that the use of the trail is at their own risk and they would be responsible for any harm should be sufficient to once again allow access.

We will also check with our insurance company to make sure we are protected so we can open the pathway and become good neighbors again.

Dave Armstrong

Point Roberts


The Editor:

After an absence of nearly three years, boats are returning to the Point Roberts Marina basin. In March 2020, with the onset of Covid-19 and the closure of the U.S./Canada border, boats belonging to members of the Point Roberts Yacht Club were scattered to the winds.

Most found temporary homes on Vancouver Island and throughout the Gulf Islands. With the opening of the border, the majority of these boats have returned to their permanent home at the marina.

Members of the Point Roberts Yacht Club are happy to return to the Point and to resume a full schedule of activities from their base at the marina. The club’s purpose is to promote safe boating and enjoyment of water sports and to provide social activities at cruising destinations and at the marina.

The club also encourages its members to support businesses at Point Roberts and reaches out to include all boaters in the marina and members of other small yacht clubs.

In February, members enjoyed dinner at the Breakwater Cafe, followed by an evening of billiards and board games at the Marina Club. This spring, they will be hosting an Easter cruise to Roche Harbor, and Saturday and Tuesday night sailboat racing.

In addition, educational presentations by groups such as the Council of B.C. Yacht Clubs and the Marine Parks Forever Society are planned. The presentations are open to all boaters and members of the Point Roberts community.

For more information about club activities check out the Point Roberts Yacht Club website at pointrobertsyachtclub.com.

Debby Cleveland

Secretary, PRYC

Tsawwassen & Point Roberts


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