Candles you can call home


Suzanne Crawford, the proud owner of Point Roberts Beachcomber Candles, specializes in crafting exquisite beeswax candles adorned with an assortment of shells, agates, beach glass and unique rocks discovered along the shores of Point Roberts. Each candle is meticulously molded individually, ensuring that every piece is one-of-a-kind.

Crawford’s artistic talents also extend to crafting beeswax seascapes which showcase various marine wildlife found in the waters surrounding Point Roberts. Additionally, she creates captivating sea orbs, starfish, and Boundary Bay sand candles. 

A lifelong craft enthusiast, Crawford delved into the world of beeswax candle making three years ago. She enjoys working with beeswax due to its ability to release negative ions into the air, which help eliminate dust and pollen.

Seeking to add her unique touch, she experimented with silicone molds, constantly exploring ways to set her candles apart. Crawford’s creative journey encompasses a wide range of artistic pursuits, including pottery, sculpting, painting, graphic arts, floral arrangements and sewing. 

Many cherished hours were spent by Crawford and her late son Kenny on the beach, where he enjoyed playing. Each day, they would discover fascinating shells and rocks, collecting them in a box at home.

Over time, Crawford accumulated numerous boxes filled with these treasures. When her son passed away and she later cleaned out her garage, she stumbled upon these boxes and felt compelled to honor his memory by utilizing the collected wonders.

Already acquainted with working with beeswax, Crawford envisioned creating candles that would showcase her findings in a splendid display. After two years of prototyping and experimenting with various mediums for mold creation, she finally unlocked the secret to bringing her vision to life. Point Roberts Beachcomber Candles was born. 

To share her remarkable creations with the community, Crawford has joined Your Local Small Market, which is held biweekly in the community center parking lot throughout the summer. The next Your Local Small Market date is Saturday, May 27 and June 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

For those interested in exploring her creations further, visit 


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