Capital Facilities Plan 2023–2036


Figures shown are adjusted for anticipated inflation as per the fire district. Note that each year includes a pre-adjusted cost of $10,000 for engines E58/E5802/5803 capital improvements for a total of $189,373 adjusted for inflation total.

That level of cost would typically be associated with annual repair costs as opposed to improvements. In fact, the 2023 budget includes $25,550 in repair and maintenance costs for all vehicles as did prior years.

Additionally, years 2031 & 2036 include “unanticipated capital improvement” costs totaling $56,447 for which no explanation is given.

Note also that the 2023 project year includes $30,000 for a resealing and patching repair of the parking lot just two years before the plan calls for a total $382,209 parking lot replacement. Just five years later, $40,826 is dedicated to another R&P of the lot.

In 2025, the CFP calls for the repair of the station’s apparatus bay floor at a cost of $54,601. Then in 2030, the same project will cost $68,043.


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