Celebration of Life Henry Rosenthal May 21, 2023


In Praise of Henry Rosenthal

By Margot Griffiths


For a blessed time, you walked in our midst

And with your love our lives you kissed,

Henry, you always lead with love, didn’t you?

Yours was a life of service to others

So say your grateful sisters and brothers,

With gratitude we sing of you, Hallelujah.


Your spirit walks the Marketplace,

That jaunty grin upon your face,

Now you’re climbing aboard that big white truck, aren’t you?

That smile brought us constant good cheer

Henry, you were our finest volunteer,

With gratitude, we sing of you, Hallelujah.


Now music filled your very soul

An opera aria could always console,

But there was something more that could move you.

Your love for Esther rose above

For you there was no greater love,

And throughout time, this love stays true, Hallelujah.


And like your love your work lives on

There are others here who will sing your song,

It’s with the angels you now sing, don’t you?

Our loss goes deep but we’re consoled by this

For a blessed time, you walked in our midst,

And there is nothing on our lips but Hallelujah.


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