Circle of Care elder home update: A view to the future


Imagine that Point Roberts has an adult family home or two or three, dedicated to keeping people in our community, surrounded by friends and family who come to visit, gardens to enjoy and animals for support and companionship.

Circle of Care created this vision in January, 2021 and set about making it a reality. We are in process of doing just that. In the past six months we have identified three possible locations, have created a steering committee to develop a strategic plan, have begun to identify sources of funding, and have succeeded in garnering support from county and state agencies and departments.

In addition, as many of you know, we have sought the support and advice of the Green House Project, who have successfully partnered with organizations and individuals to build and operate over 370 homes for elders since 2003.

In their own words: “Since the beginning, Green House has protected the rights of eldercare communities by destigmatizing aging and humanizing care through the creation of radically non-institutional eldercare environments that empower the lives of people who live and work in them.”

By the end of this year our goal is to have a location, have completed a market feasibility analysis and a financial feasibility study. We are following the guidelines of the Green House Project (GHP), who have established three contractual phases in which they collaborate with their partners. We have not yet signed a contract with GHP, as we need to satisfy the first phase, called early development: a market feasibility analysis, financial feasibility study, design charette, stakeholder connections.

Our greatest challenge will be staffing, a North America-wide problem. We are addressing this issue now by looking at long term rental availability and proactively recruiting local and statewide Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) trainees. We are also researching other solutions.

There are questions we will not be able to answer until phase one is complete. We believe that we can realize our vision with your support and participation.

If you would like to know more about the Green House Project, visit their website at To get involved email


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