Dollars for Scholars 2021


This year 13 Point Roberts students received $1,200 each to support their postsecondary education goals, thanks to the generous support of community members. The recipients have written thank you notes to the Point Roberts community which are posted below. The local organization would like to especially recognize the following donations of $1,000 or more:

Estate of Wilma Donaldson $3,895

Whidbey Telecom $1,000

The Helen and Jose Colton Foundation $5,000

Thank you letters from scholarship recipients:

Dear scholarship donors,

My name is Sarah Vaughan-Jones, and I am one of the recipients of the Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars scholarship.

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for your contribution to the Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars scholarships. Thanks to your donation, I am one step closer to completing my education at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

After graduating from University of British Colombia (UBC) with a bachelor of arts in psychology, I decided to continue my education at BCIT. I am currently a second-year student in the human resource management program. Following my graduation in the summer of 2022, I hope to have a career centered around recruitment and selection.

It is very inspiring to have members of our community so committed to supporting students. One day I hope to be able to give back and support this scholarship as well!


Sarah Vaughan-Jones

I am so thankful to the Point Roberts community for supporting my academic studies throughout my undergraduate and now graduate schooling. Growing up in Point Roberts I always felt lucky to live in such a safe and welcoming town where I could walk through a forest on my way to school. I have been missing the forests, beaches and people of Point Roberts this past year and can't wait to be back soon! Next year I will graduate with a master of occupational therapy degree with which I hope to go on to enable others in living their most fulfilling lives. It has been with the support of Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars that I am able to take these next steps in my career, and I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.


Hailey Church

Thank you for awarding me with the continuing education scholarship! I have been in Point Roberts this past year for my first year of studies at Queen's University. Even though it was not the experience I was hoping for, I was thankful to be in Point Roberts during this pandemic. I was really impressed with the caliber and instruction at Queen's and have learned a lot. I will be taking some law courses this coming year and I hope to pursue studies in environmental law! I really appreciate the support of the Point Roberts community!

Thank you,

Julia Farkasch

To the Point Roberts community,

I am very grateful to all the individuals who have made this scholarship possible and to those in our community who have generously donated to the Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars Foundation. This scholarship continues to help fuel my post-secondary aspirations, and for that, I am very thankful.


Sean Heppner

Dear Point Roberts community,

I cannot express how honored I am to be a recipient of the Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars for a second year. Thank you for the generosity that has allowed me to continue on from my second year at university to my third, and one step closer to achieving my bachelor’s of nursing. I hope one day I will be able to put my nursing skills to work to serve on a Doctors Without Borders team where I would have the opportunity to help the less fortunate as well as underrepresented social groups. All my goals and pursuits would not be possible without your generous support. I am so lucky to have grown up in such a generous community that I am thankful to call home.

Thank you ever so much for enabling this opportunity!


Hannah King

Dear Point Roberts community,

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in offering me a scholarship. I am honored that you have chosen to grant me this opportunity and make this investment in my future. Your gift is a blessing that will be huge help to me as I progress in my studies at Western Washington University. Due to your continued assistance, I am on track to graduate and receive my teaching certificate this December. I begin this final stage of my education with much gratitude for your contribution.


Leah Laird

Thank you to the Point Roberts community and outside donors who are helping us young adults pursue our academic goals. We all greatly appreciate your support and look forward to returning the opportunities to future Point Roberts students.

Jack Nielson

Dear Point Roberts community,

I am very grateful to the Point Roberts Dollars For Scholars and the Point Roberts community for their decision to award me with a scholarship to continue with my education. I currently have a bachelor's of science in public health and am completing my BSN. Every dollar helps students make it through college without ending up with a large debt that they have to pay off later.

Thank you again for your contribution to my education, and for your contributions to the community of Point Roberts.

Alex Peltier

To the Point Roberts community,

My name is Jonathan Tuazon and I am an incoming second-year student at the University of British Columbia. I am extremely thankful for this kind gift and it will support me through the rest of my university experience. I will make sure to continue working hard and never give up. I hope that I can return this kind of favor in the future.

Once again, thank you so much.

Jonathan Tuazon

Receiving Dollars for Scholars each year is a tremendous gift and I am so thankful to our community of generous donors and supporters. I appreciate every penny I get to put towards furthering my education each year. I am so lucky to be a part of such a strong community and want to give a huge thank you to Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars.

Trinity Armoogam

To whom this may concern,

I just received notification that I received an astonishing $1,200 from the Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars organization and couldn’t be more excited. I would like to thank everyone who supported this organization and has helped to make this possible for me and the other 12 students receiving this scholarship. The kind of money required for an education is hard work to make, particularly for young people, and this organization has helped to make it much more accessible for myself and others, as well as relieving much of the financial stresses. Thank you everyone!

Brett Fowler

The directors and community of the Point Roberts Dollars For Scholars,

Thanks to the generous and continued support of the community and businesses of Point Roberts this year we are able to award our 13 students $1,200.00. We are Blessed with very considerate and supportive citizens who have allowed us to support our students to the highest award level in our Point Roberts Dollars For Scholars’ 21 year history.

Allison Hartley

Dear Point Roberts Dollars for Scholars supporters,

My name is Megan Kelly; many of you probably know my name from my parents Chris and Tracy Kelly, but that's beside the point. I wanted to write a short thank you for supporting my education and having faith that I will succeed even if you don't know me personally, but as I sit here looking at my keyboard, the short little message turned into so many feelings and thoughts about Point Roberts and the community there. Like most kids who grew up in Point Roberts, it was a love/hate relationship, I grew up feeling so isolated from my friends in Blaine and across the border and I always thought, "Why would anyone choose to live in this small town that's surrounded by water and has nothing to do?" I was so excited to move away. I always said, “I'm going to get as far as I can.” I wish I could go and tell myself how much you would miss it, how thankful you are going to be in a few short years of growing up somewhere where you didn't have to worry about riding your bike alone at night or always knowing that if you needed help anyone in the community would be there for you, for people remembering your birthday, and genuinely caring about you as a whole.

So as I say thank you for the continuous support through my education I also want to say thank you for giving us a safe community growing up, for giving us so many opportunities with first jobs, and camps and for always doing the most for us. Point Roberts will always be more than just a community, but it will always be my family and my home no matter where life takes me.

Thank you,

Megan Kelly 


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