If successful, grant would pay for new multi-sport courts at Baker Field


Melanie Osmack, a part-time Point resident and pickleball enthusiast, turned to social media over a year ago to gather people for weekend games. Her efforts paid off, and now a dedicated group meets year-round on most weekends in the community center parking lot, despite the cracks and occasional parking interruptions. “Although it isn’t the safest option,” said Osmack, “I’m grateful that we have it.”

The community has benefited from this informal gathering, providing not only exercise but also social connections. Recognizing the need for a safer and more permanent space, Osmack attended a Point Roberts park district commissioner meeting in February to explore options for improving local sports facilities.

The parks board expressed interest in building a new court but required external funding. Osmack identified a grant from Washington State’s Community Outdoor Athletic Funding (COAF) and, with the help of parks commissioner Allison Calder, applied for $582,500. The grant application has made it into the second eligibility round and, if granted, would fund a multi-sport court next to the skate park by Baker Field.

The proposed court will accommodate various sports, including tennis, pickleball, basketball and hockey. Osmack has also collaborated with the skate park improvement group and part of the funding will go to enhancing the skate park.

Osmack hopes the new facility will attract more families to the area, saying, “I’m inspired by the desire to see more families live here and stay here.”

Osmack will have to wait until December to hear if the grant has been awarded. In the meantime, any one of any level who is interested in playing pickleball can join Osmack and her group most weekends at 10 a.m. in the community center parking lot, where equipment is available for use.


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