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QUAAC is a new group in Point Roberts, and no, it is not a group of duck enthusiasts. Its acronym stands for Queers and Allies of Almost Canada, and the group just began over the past summer. The group’s founder and leader, Martin Pommerenke, explained that “Queer Plus” is a way to streamline the lengthy 2SLGBTQIA+ acronym. “Within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community we’re still figuring out for ourselves how we are going to identify this in a way that’s inclusive and doesn’t make people invisible but can also be easy to say,” Pommerenke explained.

For those unfamiliar, 2S stands for two spirits, denoting indigenous individuals who don’t adhere to western gender binaries. L stands for lesbian, G for gay, B for bisexual, T for transgender. Q for queer, encompassing those who challenge traditional gender and sexual norms. Q also signifies questioning, pertaining to those uncertain about their gender or sexuality. I denotes intersex individuals with biologically ambiguous sexual organs. A refers to asexual individuals lacking sexual attraction to any gender. The plus sign accommodates others in this diverse group not covered by letters in the acronym.

The group’s purpose is to enhance visibility for the 2SLGBTQIA+ people in Point Roberts, serving as a bridge for straight, allosexual, and cisgender individuals who wish to support the queer plus community. It fosters community connection and support for queer plus members, catering to needs and interests. “It is a way to listen to the needs and interests of the community and see if we can gather some steam around that,” said Pommerenke.

The group had their kickoff event in August with a potluck at Lighthouse Marine Park attended by a mix of 46 queer and straight ally attendees. “It was a wonderful thing to see all of those folks get together and have such a good turnout,” said Pommerenke.

Their next event will be in October and is entitled “Friday the 13th Potluck for Queers.” It will be held upstairs at the marina at 6 p.m. and is an opportunity for those who identify as queer to get together to have fun, participate in discussions, and share resources. As a queer-led group, they aim to promote understanding and alliance. If you are queer and would like to attend, please contact


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