It’s time to get in shape for summer


Local residents who are looking to achieve physical fitness, recover from an injury, or attain inner peace and serenity have a couple of options to help them reach their goals.

Pilates was the solution to teacher Marcia Rosales’ stubborn leg pain about ten years ago. She was working a corporate job in NYC but became so excited about the healing properties of Pilates that she decided to switch careers and become certified to teach. “I am passionate about helping people thrive in their bodies,“ said Rosales. “There was something in this method that I was intrigued by, so I decided to get certified,” she said.

Pilates exercises work the whole body through a series of controlled movements that build strength, create body awareness, and improve flexibility and balance. The Pilates method focuses on strengthening the core muscles, also called the powerhouse, that span shoulder to shoulder down to the hips. It is good for all ages and body types, including for those recovering from injury, people with arthritis, or pre- and postnatal women.

Marcia holds two classes upstairs in the lounge at the marina. There is a magic circle Pilates class on Thursdays from 5:30-6:15p.m. for $20 and a canvas fusion class Sundays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. for $18.  Marcia holds virtual classes Tuesdays from 5-5:45 p.m. for $18. She also has one-on-one sessions in her studio that are custom tailored and beneficial to anyone of any fitness level. Right now, she is offering a promotion that if you bring a friend to her class who has never taken a class with her before, you each get 50 percent off. She can be contacted through her website, or through her email at

Munair Simpson will be moving to the Point this spring after an exciting life of worldwide travel and practice of the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira. Beginning in late April, Simpson, whose Capoeira students refer to as Contramestre Zumbi, will be starting a six-month series of weekly Capoeira classes. Capoeira movements have a fluid, dance-like style. It is a mix of combat, movement, spinning, and acrobatics.

“Technically, it is played as a game of tag with the feet,” is how Zumbi describes it, adding, “It is playful and gentle with no contact.” There is a social aspect to the sport as moves are essentially communication between two players. Capoeira also features a musical element; each class begins with singing and playing music and the game is played to the rhythm of the musical ensemble.

After class, there is a meditation that uses the endorphins students generate from the exercises to enhance calmness, peace and serenity. Capoeira can be done at any age or fitness level and is good for flexibility, strength, rhythm, spacial awareness, and coordination.

The two-hour classes will be held on Sundays at the community center each week for six months. There is a free introductory class, and for those who would like to continue, the class is sold as a six-month course for $1,500.

For those who sign up before March 15, there will be a discounted rate of $1,200 for the course. is Zumbi’s website where you can find more information, and he can be contacted at about this upcoming opportunity.


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