Letters – May 2021


The Editor:

My name is Sheena Durflinger, I have been a resident of Point Roberts for six years and I love planning events. I moved here from Chilliwack, B.C. where I was the event planner for the Downtown Chilliwack Business Improvement Association. With the current border restrictions and with no way of entering Canada for leisure, I think that it’s time for the Point to host some events of their own.

After planning a successful Halloween event and seeing firsthand the spark Point Roberts has for community, I thought that more events would be beneficial during a time where social isolation has become the norm.

Unfortunately, I cannot do this on my own. I need the support of our community and the local businesses of Point Roberts. With your help, I will plan a series of two events this summer that will give the residents of Point Roberts the opportunity to get to know each other, play, laugh, have fun and most importantly, to have something to look forward to.

The Event: “Family Days”

Dates: Saturday, August 14 and Saturday, August 21

Where: Baker Community Field


– A space for local artisan to display their creations

– An area for the local nonprofit organizations to raise awareness

– Activities for kids: gardening booth, where children can learn to plant and grow on their own; crafting booth, where their imagination to create can come to life; reading corner, where a volunteer will read exciting stories throughout the event and much more.

– Group activities to engage adults

If this is something you would like to support, please donate to the event.

All donations will go directly into renting and buying supplies needed to create this event, and no proceeds will be spent on staffing needs. You can visit the events gofundme page at gf.me/u/zq2bqx.

If I am unable to raise the monies needed, and unable to host the event, all donations will be retuned in full.

If you choose to donate through gofundme.com there will be a deduction of 2.9 percent plus .30 USD of each donation, as this is what gofundme.com requires per donation.

Checks or cash donations can be dropped off at my home address – please message me on Nextdoor for my address.

Checks can be made out to Sheena Durflinger and postdated for June 15.

Please follow the Family Days facebook page at bit.ly/2S3jYPj for up-to-date information. Thank you for your support and generosity,

Sheena Durflinger

Point Roberts


The Editor:

Imagine a picnic with friends and neighbors on a beautiful sunny day in June! When you’ve finished your lunch, you can pop over to the Bake Sale to pick up some cookies or a pie or a slice of cake for dessert! Then you can go see what’s on offer at the Flea Market down the street and come back in time to watch the Pet Parade.

Later you can take the kids down the road to watch the Airlift NW chopper land and their staff will give you a guided tour. Meanwhile, civic groups will have tables with displays and brochures with members happy to explain their activities and invite you to join and the fire department district 5 truck will be there.

There might even be a Pickle Ball tournament too if someone would like to
organize it!

All of this and more will happen on Saturday, June 5 outdoors at the community center. Health department Covid-19 outdoor guidelines will be closely adhered to and everyone will be safe while seeing old friends and neighbors and meeting newcomers while soaking up some of our glorious sunshine!

Picnic lunches can be brought from home or pre-ordered and picked up from the International Marketplace, Saltwater Cafe or Kiniski’s. All of this and more will happen ... provided that our village participates with attendance, volunteers and support.

In order to comply with health department guidelines, we need about 30 volunteers to guide folks to ingress and egress points, supervise sanitation stations and do periodic sanitation. The sanitation supplies and signage will cost some money and we’ll need to raise the funds to purchase them. 

Will you help? If you can volunteer, please contact prcircleofcare@gmail.com. If your business would like to be a sponsor and purchase sanitation supplies, please contact me at 303/906-8880. Stay tuned to ePB and social media posts for more information.

Annelle Norman, Circle of Care

Point Roberts


The Editor:

Wow! High fives to the superb leadership and planning of fire chief Chris Carleton and the well-coordinated, efficient band of volunteers vaccinating the lucky people of Point Roberts in such a short time.

They have set an example for the United States on how to complete the vaccination job to all who desired it. Many thanks from my wife, myself and all the residents of Point Roberts.

Frank Lucci

Point Roberts


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